• Suicide Victims are weak and selfish

    I honestly believe that suicide is a cowards way of quitting. When that individual decides o take their life, they also take way the happiness of many others, the possibilities of creating innovations or leading revolutions. I understand that sometimes people feel as though they have no other outlet to escape their situations, what they fail to realize however, is that they have it easy. Their are multiple kids in 3rd world countries starving but fighting, and even in the U.S; their are countless kids suffering from rare diseases but they are till fighting and living through each day like a champ. Want to escape petty problems like bullying, grab a book or go online....I'm sure you'll find a friend.

  • Yeah it is.

    People who kill themselves have low self-esteem. People with low-esteem are cowards. End of story. If you have low esteem you do stupid things like listen to the negatives about yourself. When you do that you feel worthless. When you feel worthless, you try to kill your self. The end.

  • Suicide is not the right thing

    Commiting suicide is an awful thing to do. I dont understand why anyone would commit suicide. Im a religious person so my belief is if you commit suicide youre just going to a worse place. If your life is so bad that you get to the point where you want to commit suicide, you need to see a therapist or ask for help. SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!

  • In general, yes.

    Technically, suicide could be heroic. The people who voluntarily stayed on the Titanic so that others could use the lifeboats were technically committing suicide. However, by far the most common instances of suicide are when a person does not have the guts to face their problems, so they take what they see as an escape, and kill their selves. Escape is cowardly. Bravery would drive someone to face their problems, not run away from them.

  • The Excuse Doesn't Hold Up

    Most rational people would agree that at least sometimes suicide is a cowardly act. If you just said no, consider Hitler, who rationally planned out his suicide to escape prosecution for the evil deeds he knew he did. Now consider Jim Jones, who spent years planning it but only went to that step when there was no other escape from facing his crimes. Now consider every criminal who ever did it rather than face judgement for their deeds. By now, only the die-hard pro-suicide nuts can claim that suicide is never selfish or cowardly. Indeed we know that sometimes it is. Once you accept that, you must move to the next step and consider that all suicides are looking to escape and none are done impulsively. They are planned. How will I plan my escape. Virtually the same thought patterns of Hitler, Jones and others who planned their escape. The only difference is what they were trying to escape.
    This is not to suggest all suicides are evil like Hitler and Jones, but to point to a common thread of planned escape.
    Now let's go a step further and say that an act of cowardice or selfishness does not make a person a selfish coward, just as a solitary act of courage does not make a person courageous. We all have moments and are capable of being cowardly and selfish. Once you get to that point you understand that the condemnation is not of the person, it is of the act, it's easy to lose that defense that leads you to the false conclusion that the act is not selfish or cowardly.
    The problem with this act is that it's final and leaves no chance for redemption. Many people, would redeem themselves for the momentary cowardice and selfishness but won't get the chance. We have ALL been momentary cowards and/or selfish. The difference those of us that live another day get to write a different ending.
    The argument that it takes bravery to carry out the act simply doesn't hold up because in all cases, just as with Hitler and Jones et al, the perception of what they are trying to escape is much worse. It's easy to put a gun in your mouth when you believe that torture and certain death are waiting for you. That's why they take things that you can kjill yourself away from prisoners. It's really easy to do.

  • Generally speaking, yes, suicide is perhaps one the most cowardly and selfish things a person can do, even if they are suffering from depression.

    I understand that chronic depression exists, and that it can be very difficult to go through. However, if they are strong and considerate of themselves and others, then they will open up and get help. Though I can ultimately forgive those who commit suicide over time , it still is generally very much the selfish coward's way out. The only way that I will ever be able to justify or consider suicide an act of selfless bravery is when the person who commits it was doing so to save someone else's life.

  • A permanent solution to a temporary Problem.

    "Cowardice is a trait wherein fear and excess self-concern override doing or saying what is right, good and of help to others or oneself in a time of need" Being a depressed alcoholic, I can experience hitting rock bottom. Have I thought about suicide? Yes. However built within humans is the drive to survive. We as a human race move forward to overcome. For someone to say they tried everything, they haven't. The arguments can go on as they do, but from experience you have understand you are not an island. Everything you do, everything you are, effects everyone around you. To take this "permanent solution to a temporary problem" betrays all relationships, honours no one and serves nothing but choosing not to deal with life.

  • Indeed fast to condem but little involvement besides...

    Awful stance, bullying even after they are gone! That's real ugly and coward, wash themselves of responsibilities. Basic life challenges and defense should be given by someone. Something has to be corrupt for a newcomer to take that choice, as "chicken" as they may be, not all have the same thick skin or animal mentality. Atheism is not a reason to live.

  • If you fear life, you're only option is death.

    Suicide if for people who are scared of life itself, they can't take life as it is and they can't withstand it so they try to end it. They are practically running from their fears, instead of actually dealing with them. That is pathetic, that is cowardly. Suicide is cowardly.

  • It takes courage to face you fears and you monsters.

    I'm not talking about soldiers who jump on grenades or a mother/father giving up their life for their children...I'm talking about the stupid, selfish, cowardly, lost souls. It takes COURAGE to continue living. It takes BRAVERY to continue. Courage isn't pulling a trigger it's stupid. At the end of the day it, continuing to live is harder than dying. Teenager who kill themselves because of bullying are the worst...Because it they don't realize the damage they cause...Like stupid teenager do. At the end of the day it's the people who continue to live who have courage. At least the world rids itself of a coward.

  • It is not cowardly.

    To kill yourself takes a ton of courage. First I want to ask you all what you would call someone who is about to kill themselves but couldn't? If you believe that killing yourself is cowardly, do you consider this person to be brave or courageous. Killing yourself is not doable. You only have one life. You have to have no doubts and any second thoughts if you want to kill yourself. You need courage to give up your own life.

  • The quote by Ashley Purdy says it all.

    I fail to see how any person can hear about a child (or anybody for that matter) on the news committed suicide because of bullying, suffering, etc. And call that cowardly. If you want to call suicide cowardly, then lets see you being put in the same position, and maybe worse. You cannot simply judge people who have done this because you can't know what they have been through. People who call people cowards because they can't deal with it anymore anymore make it sound like they're siding with the people or events that pushed someone to kill themselves. If you believe it is, please tell me how exactly; I am rather curious.

  • It's not cowardly.

    Put a gun to your head and see if you have the guts to pull the trigger. Couldn't do it , right? Think what goes through the persons mind. "No hope", "No future", "Game over". When there is no good in your life why live? Not that I'm saying they should kill themselves I'm just saying what I would be thinking if I would kill myself. If you were a prisoner with no hope of rescue or escape and were being tortured day in and day out, would you kill yourself? Most that kill themselves are stuck in this situation. For example, Emily is in high school. One day all her friends stopped hanging out with her. She found out a rumor had been spread that she slept with an older man for money. One day she was walking down the street and a fellow classmate tripped her so that she would fall onto a man. The man caught her and then the class mate snapped a pic. The pic was sent to everyone, her classmates, teachers, church, and even her parents. No one believed her when she tried to explain. She was trapped with no escape. She had only one way to stop the bullying and killed herself.

    Posted by: Erza
  • Ignorant people seem to always think there is hop for everyone.

    Cowardly, wow. Impressive words from people that have family or friends that are ever there for them when they need it. Impressive still to hear cowardly from the fingers or lips of people that at worst were merely spanked on their sensitive wittle bottom with an open hand or *gasp* a belt and not kicked in the face, chocked or punched. Impressive still to hear cowardly come from people who had a parent give them a kiss on the cheek as they scurried off somewhere and not raped by a stranger then told their mother would be killed if they said anything.

    I would trade every "good" day I ever had for a single day to not know what it was like to actually be beaten, molested and abandoned by my own family.

    I guess I must be a coward if I take my life knowing full well that my options likely come down to take my life, become a child molester, rapist or murder or spend my entire like in an institution to keep from harming anyone.

    It is true that everyone that commits suicide doesn't have a horrific series of tragedies for a life and some are just not emotionally or chemically balanced which leads to their act but they are not cowards either as most probably are just not able to think straight, it's not like we have a choice about everything that happens to us. If we all had a choice about how to conduct our lives, where was my choice to keep from being molested at 6 years old? Where were my choices to keep from being a punching bag for fully grown adults that my mother kept getting into bed with? Where was my choice at 5 years old to not be put into a learning disabled class only to find out 8 years later after my IQ was tested and found to be 148 and in my first normal class EVER, I get an overall grade of 99.99 for the year, the second highest the school ever had. Doesn't sound like a learning disability to me but hey, I chose never to have the chance to prove myself before that.

    Where was my choice to grow up like a normal, pompous, ignorant jerk and live the American dream as such? Hell, I would love to be ignorant and think that it's the end of the world when I don't get a raise at work, get to drive a car at 16, go to the movie with all my friends or anything the rest of you consider a crisis.

    I would trade anything to not know what it's like to be abandoned, beaten and molested and have even a semi-normal life to look back on, instead, I guess I'll just know what it was like to have the life I had up until the point where I take the "cowards" way out.

  • People are too quick to judge.

    I do not view suicide as the coward's way out because no other person on Earth can know exactly what that person went through. Also, when people are suicidal, they may be selfish, but so is the rest of the population for not helping them; you can't honestly tell me that nobody saw the warning signs and chose to do nothing. Personally, I find some of the arguments in the other section hilariously hypocritical: they worry about people in Africa having worse lives than the person who took their own life, but they don't even try to consider the fact that the person who killed themselves had a worse life than the people who claim suicidal people are cowards. Also, for the people that claim suicide is selfish; depression is a disease characterized by feeling alone and isolated (especially when no one you know is going through the same feelings you are), so who else would a person think about when it seems that nobody is thinking about them? Don't be too quick to judge, suicide is one of those things you don't understand unless you've been in a similar position: it's like calling someone who has PTSD from their tour in Afghanistan "touchy" or "angry". In closing, next time you hear about someone committing suicide, don't detest them as a coward, show some empathy and admit you don't know what they went through to get to that point where they feel so hopeless that they're willing to end their only life to escape it.

  • Suicide is not cowardly

    It takes a lot of braverly to end your own life. Someone may think it is cowardly because it is an 'easy' way out, or because it is selfish. I disagree. It is not easy to deal with suicidal thoughts and the actions are very hard to carry out. This is a person who has been broken down to the point where they have no other option. By this point they have tried everything and they have no confidence or trust in anyone to help them. These people should not be accused of being cowardly, they should be helped before they get to the point where suicide is the action they take.

  • It's not cowardly,it's a most natural reaction to a circumstance.

    Consider a situation,say an exam that will determine the course of your future.You spent months preparing for the exam and on the day of the examination,you realized that you'd studied the wrong chapters.There can be a lot of situations similar to this one and the common factors that lead to suicide will in most cases be the regret and anguish a person will face.It then becomes a matter of self-will and strength to overcome the regret.It's very easy to say that suicide is a cowardly action on the grounds that only a coward run's from his problems,makes indecisive decisions,avoids altogether confronting his problems.These are merely words.Extending sympathy is one thing,but criticizing by calling that person a coward for taking his life without fully knowing the wrath and agony of suicide he was facing is something totally different in my view.

  • It's our fault

    Suicide isn't cowardly. In my opinion it's all because people make others feel like there just a waste of space or and accident. So eventually they start to think that to and eventually they start to think that the only way they will make a change, be worth something be loved is if they die. It isn't cowardly or there fault.

  • Not for cowards

    It takes guts and lots of them to end your own life. It is never an easy thing to do and it takes lots of practice and trial and error sometimes. Suicide is not for the cowardly and the meek. Who even thought suicide was cowardly? Some nutjob with no life?

  • 50% yes, 50% no.

    So a half-half here but there isn't an option for that.
    I personally think that cowardice is an incorrect description for the act. The bully is not a coward because they have either been forced into doing it by their mental state, or are so sadistic that they do this while being conscious of the effects and ramifications.
    The bullied is not cowardly because they are being directly affected against their will by the bully who is either sadistic or mentally troubled. The bullied is backed into a corner by the possibly unconscious bully, and gives up if they themselves are mentally weak. Those that are bullied but mentally strong may resist and thus do not kill themselves.
    The mentally weak ones, however have been trained to be so prior to their abuse and cannot cope with said abuse so they collapse like an unsupported cave.
    This collapse length is made faster if the person was already mentally unstable.

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