• Sucide is okay sometimes

    Person is in right mindset and has felt like this for awhile years (etc) they shouldn’t be guilt tripped in staying when they no longer have joy in this world. They have no longer any motivation for life. In constant agony, Depressed, Nothing to look forward to They themselves understand their action fully.

  • Suicide shouldn't be considered bad

    I don't think a person needs a reason to end it all, if they felt that they were doing more harm than good to the planet, and their contribution or life had no worth, why would it be a bad thing to end it? Sure some people are left behind, but the devastation is only temporary, life goes on and everyone will be forgotten eventually. There should be a mechanism to commit suicide without shame or judgement, and without assigning additional meaning. If a person makes a personal decision it should be respected, regardless of the pain caused, it is no different to choosing to leave one's spouse or quit a job.

  • Yes it is

    I feel that everyone who says that life is a gift and it should be cherished is viewing life in a very short sighted and myopic context. If you really explore sufferings and pain some people go through, it sets things in a better perspective. We fight for people's rights to live life as they please, be it an artist or a scientist, an actor or a human rights activist. Then why do we have a problem with them ending their lives when they feel like it? If we have such a big problem with a person ending his/her life, we should be willing and ready to help that person change his/her life around such that he/she is suicidal anymore. Are we willing to do that? The answer is no. So stop bossing over people's lives and telling them what they can and cannot do.

  • Suicide can be ethical

    I mean, why not? Suicide is to take away a person's own life. If the person has done so to better a cause or benefit someone, than it can be a noble thing to do. It would be as if donating money to charity, to put it in simpler terms. My argument, however, should not justify a person committing suicide to escape life's troubles, unless he/she is in a terrible medical condition.

  • Yes, it can be

    If you are well on your way out and sick to the point of being crippled, whit's the point of living? I think you should be able to end it, but only if there is no way to fix you. The death should be on the person, not considered unethical.

  • You never know until you walk in their shows

    I bet a lot more people think about suicide more than they let on. It is a cold hard world out there. People like to say it is a selfish act, or that it is unethical. I really don't know one way or another if it is. All I know is a bunch of military people are committing suicide each year, after all these wars. Are you telling me they are selfish, or unethical, when they go to defend their country and protect the people in that country? Something happened that was so unbearable, that they did not know how to live with it anymore. I think it has to do with how society as a whole is selfish and unethical.

  • Yes, I think suicide could be considered ethical in some instances.

    If someone is dying from a terminal illness and does not wish to live their final months in extreme pain then I feel in those types of instances that a medically assisted suicide is merciful and very ethical, I feel that everyone should have the right to decide if they wish to check out or not.

  • Suicide can be ethical.

    Suicide can be ethical. I am not one for judging pain but seems that if one wants to end the pain then sometimes they feel that they do not have any other option but to do suicide. I feel that it is a shame that the people who have to do this feel they can not get help elsewhere.

  • Suicide is not a matter of ethics

    The idea of framing a person's personal choice about what they do with their own body as ethical or not is abominable.

    Yes, suicide impacts us all differently. No, it is not and never can be anyone else's choice. The very idea that you would be able to tell another person whether or not they have to continue on is nonsensical.

    What are you going to do, bring them back to life and kill them again? Take a person who didn't succeed and punish them for it?

  • No, suicide is never ethical.

    There is no set of conditions, no morals, and no rules that can say that suicide is ethical. A person deserves to live because life is a gift, and you should not just throw it away. You have a right to live no matter what kind of crap goes on, and you should not just throw it away.

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