Is Suicide Prevention illegal Torture and Slavery, ? And is it unethical to force any type of Suffering person to live against their will

  • All Human beings deserve Choice. . . . . Forcible Suicide Prevention Constitutes Slavery and illegal Torture

    All Human beings deserve Choice and the peace of mind Choice
    Brings, The Right to Die Movement in America and Worldwide continues to grow
    and it's not just for the Terminally ill, But for any and all suffering people who hate life and hate their lives, Mentally ill, Terminally ill, Etc
    Of course with granting the Legal Right to Die for any and all suffering people
    who Request to Die and Give Explicit Consent, There would be a waiting period and
    Counseling, To make sure the suffering person has thought it through carefully and
    doesn't make the Decision on Impulse, Then the Suffering person can have a Legal Doctor
    Assisted Death, Free of Charge, Quick, Peaceful and Painless with Dignity

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