• For all intents and purposes, yes

    If suicide is not selfish, it by definition must be selfless, which only makes sense in rather specific and uncommon situations; for example, a diseased man kills himself so as to remove the burden of medical bills for his family. Most of the time, suicide results from some sort of depression, stress, or lack of self-confidence. In these cases, suicide is selfish because you are ending your life for yourself, ie, you are ending the pain of life off of your own self-interest. You do not consider the interests of others when you commit suicide in this case as most of the time suicidal people assume that nobody would care after their passing.
    So yes, by definition, suicide, most of the time, is selfish.

    Now I know there is a social stigma against selfishness, but honestly, selfishness usually isn't that bad. Whenever you do something for yourself, you are acting based on your own self interests, and therefore you are acting selfishly. For example, if I buy lunch for myself, I am being selfish, as opposed to if I buy a sandwich for someone else, I am being selfless. Take a step back and consider this before you start raging at me.

  • Your only hurting those around you

    First of all you think your the only one whose ever felt depressed, or isolated. Heres the truth, everyone goes through depression, its a part of life. Everyone has felt isolated at some point. It's just that they fought through it.

    Secondly, you think no one cares about you, but someone does. You think no one will understand, but someone will. You think everyone would better off without you, but they won't. You think no one will notice or care if you disappear, but they will.

    So in conclusion I ask, why would you be so selfish as to take the easy way out? All your doing by committing suicide is, hurting those around you who love and care about you. And in the long run this will just create more problems.

  • Unequivocally Yes ....

    The act itself is ending your pain and putting it on those you leave behind. It is actually the most selfish thing I can think of.

    Usually when someone end their life it results in complete devastation for their family and close friends. They carry that with them their entire lives and it effects outcomes.

    Just because someone is sad beyond repair doesnt make it OK. It selfishness through weakness.

  • Its a permanent act that will only relieve your own, Temporary pain.

    There is much help available these days for suicidal people. Their loved ones would try their very best to make them feel better, If only they ask for their help. Majority of the time, People who commit suicide don't say what is wrong with them. Reach out for the right help! Their are many stories of people who have recovered from suicidal thoughts. How do you know the pain is endless?
    Someones suicide will cause life long scaring to loved ones and/or may even trigger others to do so too. Just get help!

  • Need to think about family and friends

    I think it is wrong to commit suicide as I think it is selfish to those who are family and friends to that person who has committed suicide. I think they should not think of just themselves but those around them who will be affected by the loss of that person.

  • Suicide is selfish for ending pain.

    I agree with this based on the definition of selfishness. For somebody to want to relieve themselves of their pain, even when it hurts any person, even if they know them or not.
    This is truly selfish.
    Not only is this selfish, but when people who think suicidal people are selfish say "What about their love ones?" in an argument. That is also selfish, keeping a sad person alive for your own happiness.
    This is truly selfish.

  • God's "Gift" is A Farce

    Suicide is an inherently irrational phenomena that's tragic consequences fly in the face of our natural tendencies towards self-preservation. Attributing selfishness to suicide has it's historical roots, much of which can be found from a variety of religious traditions that thankfully have been failing to stand against the "test of time". There's a reason why much of the western world has decided to decriminalize suicide and change the language of it's "perpetrators", that is to say people used to "commit" suicide whereas now people are victims of suicide. Blaming these tortured souls whether they chose to take their lives because of a debilitating mental or physical illness (Euthanasia perhaps) is simply not appropriate and in my personal judgment, despicable.

  • How is it selfish?

    People commit suicide when they are too depressed, alone, or stressed to carry on. Some people who do have been bullied horribly, and they can't stand it. Others have so much self-hate that they can't continue. Desperate people commit suicide, not selfish people. If someone is so sad that they can't stand being alive anymore, and they commit suicide, it is not out of selflessness. It is a desperate attempt to end all of the pain.

  • If you really cared you would understand

    If someone is going to commit suicide chances are everything in their life is over and that they don't really have anything left chances are they are lonely poeple with no friends/partner of some sort so I mean it is likely they wouldn't hurt anyone and also if you say to just get them help it is a fact that if someone fails to actually kill themselves they will try again and depression is very difficult to treat, and if they even do have someone in their life who likes/loves them they will likely stress in the not that is was not their fault and that it was out of their control or power to help.

  • Suicide is not even close to selfish.

    I’m using the definition of selfish against the people who said yes.

    “(of a person, Action, Or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. ”

    Note that it says for “one’s own personal profit or please”.

    There is no profit to suiciding so thus you can’t say it is selfish. Relieving their own pain isn’t a profit, A profit is something you gain in excess. Their reliving pain is not excess, It’s undoing the pain they experienced. So in a money sense, They lost 100, And then suiciding they got their 100 back. That’s not selfish. I’m not encouraging suicide though.

  • No no no

    Imagine being trapped in a hell that nobody understands, BUT YOU and the only way to escape is through suicide? Suicide isn’t selfish. Selfish is causing someone to commit suicide because you created a hell for them for your own sadistic benefit. In order for it to be selfish, You’d have to come out alive to experience some type of gain from taking your own life. . . Being selfish involves GAINING SOMETHING AT OTHERS’ EXPENSE. You don’t gain anything from death, But liberation from a hell created by other people. Bullies push people to suicide ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

  • It's the end of a long disease

    Most people are in pain when they die, Heart attacks, Cancer, Depression, Etc. Someone choosing assisted suicide because treatment for cancer, For example, Is too painful - does that make them selfish?
    Of course not. They just need the pain to end and i would argue it's almost more painful seeing a loved one in emotional distress such as depression than losing them to it. At least they are at peace when they die.

  • No suicide is not selfish

    My boyfriend committed suicide on 8/22/17 he had fought with paranoid schizophrenia since he was 19 and I watched for 5 years him go through some of the most heart wrenching things I've ever seen when the voices in his head would take over and he would have episodes where he would be talking to his self and people stare and laugh not knowing how hard he tried for them episodes not to happen because people don't realize how mean and evil those voices can be and watching ur loved one fight the air like there was a real person standing there trying to get them to stop watching him have to be hospitalized over and over again and see the fear in their eyes when they want to put them in a padded room and ur loved one is asking u to go with them cause their scared of being in there by themselves and I would always go in with him and the nurses looking at u like ur nuts for not being scared to go with them having to go to court to get him out of a hospital that is giving him the wrong medication and he is getting worse and the nurses and doctors are treating u like shit because u care enough about this person to actually care about what there given him but for 5 years I never left his side I never wanted him to feel alone but when he died I never looked at it like he was being selfish or that he didn't love me or be mad at him he was a beautiful person he wouldn't of wanted to hurt me I got mad at the mental disease that convinced him to do it so how can it be selfish for schizophrenia to take over u and then kill u so rip baby it can't never hurt u again

  • No no no

    Suicide is not selfish. This person feels like thats there only choice. I personally have attempted it and my mum found me and the first thing she said to me was "how could you do this to me?" i was confused because to me she was being the selfish one she didnt even ask if i was okay or why i was even doing it. She was angry with me for more than a week, she then got me therapy which did not help because i canr talk to people.

  • Incredibly devastating, but not selfish

    Although it may feel that way to many of those who lost someone to suicide, as that is understandable, to the person committing suicide it is not a selfish act. Many people who commit suicide have considered all of the options (unless they do it impulsively). They have already thought about how it would impact those around them. They feel as though they have nothing more to offer to the world. Whether they know they will be missed or not is irrelevant at that point. It can be viewed as selfish in the sense that you could still hold on for those around you, but once someone has come to that dark of a place, their idea of the world and love is tainted. It's hard to explain, but you can't see reality for what it is, and it becomes incredibly hard to hold onto those ties. So in the eyes of the world it is selfish, but in the eyes of that person, they don't feel they belong on the planet anymore, and see no point in continuing on.

  • It seems to be from lack of attention.

    Time has shown that most suicidal people can be changed if they are given proper support and proper medications for their problems. Suicide is usually the result of untreated depression, so perhaps it happens from being ignored rather than one just thinking about how they feel instead of how others would feel if they killed themselves. Suicidal people want to end their pain, which may sound selfish on paper, but that doesn't mean they are self-absorbed or narcissistic.

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