Is Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo right for speaking out on gay rights?

  • Leadership through action is commendable.

    When a prominent figure speaks about human rights issues and supports equal rights for all humans, they are being leaders in their community. In 10 years, we will all look back on this time and wonder why people were so frightened to allow other human beings the same rights as themselves. What would Jesus do? He would have stood up for his fellow man or woman.

  • Yes, as an american he has the right to speak on any topic he would like.

    No only do I support gay rights, I also support the freedom of speech. Even if he spoke out against gay rights I would still support and defend his right to do so. To think otherwise would be to deny the man his constitutional rights enjoyed by all. Many opinions about many topics are good for public discourse and promote progress in a society where everyone has a voice.

  • Yes, Brendon Ayanbedejo is right for speaking out on gay rights

    Yes, Brendon Ayanbedejo is right for speaking out on gay rights. He has freedom of speech just like the rest of us and therefore can voice his opinion. It is just an opinion and others do not have to like it of believe in the same things that he does but he still has a right to express them.

  • Yes, He Is

    Super Bowl Champ Brendon Ayanbadejo has every right to speak his mind however he do desires. He has every right to the first amendment as anyone else in this country does. Whether he wants to speak about the color purple, or gay rights, has no affect on his right to say what he wishes.

  • He Has The Right To Do So

    I applaud Brendon Ayanbadejo for what he is doing. He took his moment in the spotlight to speak his opinion on an issue. I do not have a problem with him speaking on gay rights. At least he decided to speak on a social issue, unlike many athletes who use that stage to just promote their personal brand.

  • Some people will not like this

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