Is 'support the troops but not the war' a good mentality?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • Sounds hippieish but i love everyone.

    It used to baffle me that the media would glorify the misguided, for lack of a better word, sacrifice of militants. These wars are started from greed and hate and primitive fears and good people lay down their lives to fight them because they believe someone has to protect us , and yes there has always been war, but the actual problem i,s they're fighting for their government a.K.A loyalty and the 1% a.K.A oil, and resources. The war on terror is ridiculous as well, for a government that says they have"no choice" but to order murder and genocide they haven't given nonviolence or diplomacy as much deliberation as deceiving us and killing their enemies. Isn't it funny how a government founded on the fundamentals of God can be such a speciously amoral system of corruption...(excuse my language)

  • Yes because the government sends troops to war.

    The soldiers have to go. The government sends them away, to fight for what we don not want to do so we can live. They sign up so we can do things like this , debating I mean, and do everything. They do what others wouldn't dream of doing in their worst nightmares.

  • No it's the same.

    You think the British government was the act of the gov't only? No, it was British society, which was racist. Same with Denmark. There was no elitism at work. They did what they did because they were racist comemierdas pure an simple. No elite conspiracy of any kinda. Just that.

  • That's basically the same thing

    If you support the troops you support the war. It's common sense. If you send money their way it will go to be funded for the army giving them more of an incentive to keep fighting. The government would not want to spend money for the troops, if monetary support came from the people then hey the government would have to pay less on the war front and they still get their war.

    We would be kicking ourselves in our own behinds if we dislike the war but support the troops. The government would just love advertising that as a slogan to gain support for the war they want. Do it for the soldier families! And give us your money!

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