Is supporting gay marriage supporting the sexual abuse of our children?

  • No One Has Considered the Effects On Our Straight Children

    The following are known truths:

    * Sexually active teenagers are 500% more likely to commit suicide
    * All kids, at some stage, contemplate or even have same-sex attractions outside their orientation
    * Everyone is bisexual to some extent, measured on the Kinsey Scale

    Gay marriage is just one step in the process of the normalisation of homosexuality, which is the true objective of the evil but ulltimately successful gay activist campaign started in 1990. You can read about it here:

    With the normalisation of homosexuality, we are teaching children that not only is homosexuality normal, but, in the case of marriage, it is a reason for celebration.

    With the normalisation of homosexuality, gone will be that little voice that tells our children "this is wrong".

    We know that children contemplate and sometimes even get attractions that are outside of their orientation. We know that most kids are bisexual to some extent. We know that the normalisation of homosexuality means that gay people will be more forthcoming in trying to solicit others for sex.

    With no little voice saying 'this is wrong', but instead that little voice saying 'this is normal', more and more of our straight and slightly bisexual kids will experiment with gay sex. It is known that sexually active teenagers have more psychological problems, and it follows that teenagers that have sexual experiences outside their orientation will have even bigger problems.

    More kids will discover their bisexual side than they otherwise would. This will contribute more to the spread of disease, the multibillion dollar cost of STDs, and the psychological problems and suicide rates prevalent in young society. Gay people have several known issues (even in homo-friendly countries such as Denmark) that ultimately result in a lifespan of 15 years less than heterosexuals.

    Normalising homsoexuality is pure evil. It is sexually abusing our children in ways they should never be subject to. It is reducing the quality of life of our children. It is exposing them to problems they would never be exposed to with the utlimate truth that homosexuality is not normal.

    Everyone knows a boy has a penis and a girl has a vagina.

    Please, stop this nonsense that homosexuality is normal. You will ruin people's lives and destroy the very fabric of our society. Don't forget, you have been brainwashed into thinking that' it's normal, and the proof is here:
    This is not about equality or fairness. This is about a minorty abnormal group wanting to feel normal and using devious Nazi-Like techniques to fool everyone.

    They are actually not doing themselves any favours, because deep down they know the biological truth and that's a battle they can never beat. And they will cause grievous harm to society that no-one has thought to consider before now.

  • WHAT?! I don't even understand the correlation....

    I'm not sure how gay marriage encourages the sexual abuse of children. That's like saying that all married gay people will adopt children for the sole purpose of abusing them. There is no evidence that shows a homosexual male (or female) is more likely to abuse a child than a heterosexual. Children and teens experimenting with sex is nothing more than them exploring something new and exciting that they've discovered about themselves. Self discovery is NOT abuse.
    Homosexuality is normal. It occurs at a rate of approx. 10% in nature (that's why your male dog humps your other male dog. Animals aren't homophobic like people).
    There is no 'natural' voice inside of a person telling them that being gay is wrong. That voice is actually all of the people who've reiterated to them, throughout their life, that being gay is a 'sin' or 'evil'.
    Homosexuality didn't become an issue until the rise of monotheism really took root. Homosexuality was common and expected in ancient cultures like Greece and Rome.
    In the end, someones sexual life is none of your business (anymore than your sexual life is their business).
    Often, people who take a stand against gay marriage saying 'what about the children', don't actually give two sh**s about the children. They are just completely unwilling to allow another person to live in peace if what they are doing contravene's their beliefs. If you are one of these people, get off the cross. It is not your job to 'save' everyone's soul. Focus on keeping your own soul clean. And, just so we're clear, the constant persecution and judgement of another person is not keeping your soul clean. Jesus advocated for love and understanding above all else. Remember when Jesus said 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone?'. The funny thing about that saying, is that NO ONE is without sin, so NO ONE has the right to judge another. It's strange how so many people forget that when spewing their hateful beliefs.

  • Now let's keep it civil

    I can't get onto your http://www.Massresistance.Org/docs/issues/gay_strategies/after_the_ball.Html. All I got was that the sight had been moved, or is unavailable. I'm afraid that without your source, all that I can see is that you have bashed on homosexuals without anything in your favor. I got a video for you to watch on YouTube, if you can spare the time, it's just a short educational video on homosexuality.
    Gay Education - Is Homosexuality a Choice?
    It goes into some of the science behind homosexuality.
    Also lets have both sides remember that this is a debating site, not a trash talking site, saying that homosexuals are using devious Nazi-like techniques might be going a bit far, and could be taken as an insult to those who support homosexuals, but have ancestry that connects them to the victims of the holocaust.
    And for my side, saying that theworldhasgonemad, doesn't care about children, or that he/she should get off the cross, can be insulting to the Christians, who may believe that you are insulting the founder of the religion. If we are going to debate, I please ask those on my side of the argument, as well. As those opposing me, to try to avoid hurting each others feelings, so that we can keep the debate fun for all.

  • I think that is not true. I think that Gays should be able to get the same rights as everyone else

    I think that if you don't support gay marriage its your own opinion. If our children are doing anything wrong its ok then. Gays are amazing and have a brilliant taste in fashion. If you don't think that then ok our opinions are our opinions. Thank you for you time.


    Homosexuality has been around for a long time and will continue to. The fact that people still argue about gays is upsetting as their are bigger problems that we must face. If I support animal rights, that does not make me a non-human animal. I don't understand why people can't leave homosexuals alone. They aren't doing any harm to you so why should you care about their sexual preference?

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