• A Win-Win Situation

    Regulations that pertain to the environment will assist with preserving natural resources that are needed in order to survive. I feel that the Supreme Court siding with the EPA is a winning situation that can only help protect citizens in the future and make this world one that is safe to live in.

  • Yes it is a major win

    In June, the E.P.A. is expected to propose a sweeping new Clean Air Act regulation to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the heat-trapping greenhouse gas that scientists say is the chief cause of climate change. Coal plants are the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.The Supreme court ruling will help the Environment

  • The EPA is Not Enough

    The EPA is has been a toothless agency for too long. The government is strongly controlled by special interests groups, and for the most part the EPA creates its compliance rules based on what will not strongly hinder corporate lobbies. For this reason, the supreme court upholding the EPA is only a minor moment for the enviroment. We need groups that are able to stand up to corporate greed.

  • The environment can never win

    That the Supreme Court sided in favor of the EPA is a victory for overall environmental health and stability, but it not a win. Trees, air and water will never win against corporate greed, an indifferent population and changing climate. The best that can be accomplished is a brief slowing of the demise while the pillagers find news ways to exploit the rules and environment.

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