• Surface is just windows in a tablet.

    I'm typing this on a surface right now. The Surface Pro, with a type cover keyboard, is extremely conventional to a windows laptop. I can do all the things you would on a normal desktop, with a device with the form factor of a tablet. Macbooks were always known for their light weight and thin form factor, but the Surface Pro gives them a run for their money.

  • Yes, Surface is a match for Mac computers

    Yes, I think that Surface is a match for Mac computers. Surface is capable of running most of the same software that a Mac computer is so therefore it much be a competitor in the market. Surface has a good specification and is aimed at professionals to do work on so would be a good alternative to those who are considering to buy a Mac computer.

  • The Surface: A Light, Practicle and Affordale iPad Alternative

    The Surface tablet can give the iPad a run for its money for those looking for a portable and productive computer. The Surface boasts a 10.6" screen, HD camera, an average 8 hour battery life, and the most current Microsoft Office Suite. The Surface can also be further enhanced, if needed, with additional storage options and USB ports to plug in your mouse and keyboard. In addition, the high resolution and ability to play all different kinds of videos makes this a win for the whole family.

  • Surface is no match for Apple

    Oh Surface, Micrsoft's newest attempt at taking over for the MacBook. Good try but no luck. Even with the passing of Steve Jobs, the brains behind Apple, the Surface doesn't stand a chance. Apple is a cult of sorts and you will not get any jumpers to your newest product.

  • Macbooks and Surfaces are Very Different

    The Surface by Microsoft is an awesome-sounding idea. The touchscreen is the next obvious step in laptop technology, and Mac doesn't have it right now. But Microsoft has always had a very different look and feel, and this time is no different. Whether someone prefers Mac or Microsoft is nothing more than a matter of personal preference.

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