• Yes It Is

    I believe more people are utilizing surrogacy but I wouldn't call it a growing market. I think most women want to carry their own children, but there are a few who don't or can't for medical reasons. It is these cases that make surrogacy a possibility, but I do not think it is something that will become common.

  • Surrogacy is a growing market.

    Over the past decade, there has been a noticeable up surge in the number of couples who have been looking to have a child using surrogacy. This perhaps comes as no surprise to people looking at the growing variety of couples and the older age of couples looking to have children now.

  • Yes, this has become quite common and accepted.

    Yes, surrogacy is definitely a growing market. Not so long ago people raised their eyebrows when they heard about a woman carrying a child for another couple. Today you hear of more and more couples who have children born by surrogates. Couples who desperately want a child usually offer liberal compensation for surrogate services. This fee alone could prompt a woman to consider becoming a surrogate.

  • It's kind of a gross idea for most people.

    Surrogacy is not a growing market. Not that there's not a demand for it. There is. I just don't think it's a demand that's increasing. There's a certain "ick" factor that most men and women have to the idea of renting out a womb from which to harvest their child.

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