• Yes, especially when money is exchanged by non relatives.

    If a sister decides, for instance, to have a baby for her sister who can not, and only the basic expenses of medical care and such are covered, then that might be okay. But having a stranger carry a baby for you and get paid to do it just seems to leave everyone open to a lot of abuses and hurt feelings.

  • No, surrogate mother is not wrong.

    Considering the fact that the happiness of couples is to have a child and someone has accepted to carry child for them, as long as the couple will provide medical care expenses.
    In addition, it is a technological advancement aimed at solving a problem of giving childless couples child and thus beneficial to the society

  • Surrogate motherhood is not wrong

    It is my opinion that surrogate motherhood is not wrong. I feel that surrogate motherhood allows for families who are unable to conceive to have a chance at starting a family. While there may be moral and religious opposition to this practice, surrogate motherhood remains a viable option for couples to consider.

  • No, surrogate motherhood isn't wrong.

    I do not think that surrogate motherhood is wrong. I think that it is an advancement in science that enables couples who cannot have a child in the traditional way a good chance to have a child that is still technically as close as possible. I do not see anything ethically wrong with it.

  • No, I don't think surrogate motherhood is wrong.

    I believe that as long as someone is willing to be a surrogate mother then it should be something to be looked at as compassionate and beneficial for both parities, I don't think there is anything wrong or immoral about being a surrogate mother for someone paid or a volunteer.

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polmol1209 says2017-07-04T08:51:39.477
I'm sure that wrong are those who think that surrogacy must be banned. I can't realize why people agrees with altruistic surrogacy but not with commercial, saying it's immoral and is a business. That's great if you have a close person who is ready to carry a baby for you but it's not an option for everyone. In addition, I wouldn't ask my sister to do this for me. Such things are binding I think, I wouldn't like to hear her complaining about her feelings and I'm sure she won't be satisfied with everything during pregnancy. As for me it's better to find a woman and pay her for this. Then you know that she is rewarded and you don't owe her nothing but huge greatfulness. I'm a mother because of a Ukrainian surrogate. I chose not to meet with her to avoid painful moments for both of us, but I'm sure she is amazing. Don't want people to judge surrogate motherhood