• Surviv. Io is the best

    It ha s A W M - Sm, M 2 4 9, D E A G L E 5 0, C Z - 3 A 1, M 3 9 E M R, M K 1 2 S P R A N D M A N Y O T H E R P R O T H I N G S!

  • Its good but not the best.

    To be honest, This is the worst opinion i have seen. I do play Surviv. Io and it is a good game overall. However, This does not mean that it is the best game ever made. There are other games out there that are better than Surviv. Io. Even not playing Surviv. Io is better because a lot of people don't play video games.

  • No, It is not

    Its a really bad game so that is why its not the best online game ever. There are many actual online games that are way better and much more deserving of the title of the best online game ever. Games like surviv. Io are not good examples of high quality online games and there we go min word count

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