• Yes, in some respects.

    It seems that Susan Rice is a polarizing figure. Her actions (or in action, as the case may be) during Benghazi has opened her up to scrutiny from those opposing her positions. This scrutiny is similar to that which plagued Robert Bork during his attempt at the Supreme Court. Whether it is justified or not, people will use Susan Rice's past for their own ends.

  • Some Alike, Some Not So Much

    Susan Rice could be the next Robert Bork, but only in the way she is likely to be treated by Congress if she decides to reenter her name in the "running" for Secretary of State. Robert Bork was firmly turned down by Congress when President Ronald Reagan nominated him for the Supreme Court. Susan Rice, while nothing like Robert Bork in any other way, may well be treated as he was by Congress; the difference being that his only fault was conservatism and hers being dishonesty and just plain not doing her job as ambassador.

  • Susan Rice is not Robert Book

    Whoever Mr. Book is, but I suppose you meant Bork. As of today Rice is done for so none of it matters. You can say what you want for her career, but she deliberately allowed herself to be used as a pawn during Benghazi, and could not explain herself when questioned. She never had any busy being Secretary of State. Bork was trashed for no other reason than being conservative.

  • No not at all.

    Robert Bork, is a federal appeals court judge where as Susan Rice an American Ambassador have two similar but different roles and motivations in this nation. Currently speculation calls that Susan Rice is looking for a seat in Secretary of State and relieving Hillary Clinton of his place when the time comes. Robert Bork was only concerned about the supreme court.

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