• Swag is an attitude.

    Swag is an art. It is an attitude. Very few are born with this skill. It is taught. It is about confidence and knowing how to present oneself. It can be learned but it takes practice. It takes a person that wants to make a good impression. It takes a person who knows how to walk in a room as if they own the room no matter who else may be around.

  • Swag is steirotype.

    Its only a steriotype. Its not who you are. Be who you are and dress what you wanna dress in. People who say they have swag are just posers. They try way to hard to fit in. Its just plain childness. Theyre not going to be like that when theyre older.

  • Swag is fake

    Swag is the term used to describe someone who is confident. It could be considered an art in as much as acting is an art except that in acting the goal is to become someone else. With swag, the goal is not to make people believe you are someone else, but to make people believe that you are someone that your not. Swag is a manner of behaving to suggest to others that one is tough and confident and able-bodied. The only reason one needs to show this is to calm fear and anxiety. Swag is fake, not an art.

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