• It doesn’t really matter to me

    It releases frustrastion and anger when you cuss. When people say it, it depends on what they mean. If they mean it in a bad way like, “Go kill yourself you piece of shit” then it’s not a good thing. But if they are just saying it without meaning like, “oh shit I broke the bowl” then it’s okay. Cussing is fine when the person knows the limits.

  • If it wasn't it wouldn't exist

    It's a part of us and the culture. They've been invented for a reason. I'm not American and in my language it sounds bad but I love the way Americans swear so easy, fluently in all the movies. It sounds dope, believe me! I love breaking taboos so sometimes I would just do it to shock people, or let's say wake them up and shake their boundaries. I love to watch those movie mashups like "You look like shit" or "Go fuck yourself" and lough at it. It's cool and sometimes you just need to be down and cool motherfucker. It's absolutely normal to swear when it's asked for.

  • I don't ever swear but I think it is okay.

    Swearing has never bothered me, and I think it is fine as long as they are not extremely offensive racial or homophobic swears. Otherwise, they are just words used to convey emotions. Sometimes "stupid head" just doesn't cut it, and in most situations, swearing is not meant to be offensive anyways. In the end, it is not the words themselves that are the problem, but the intent of the person using them.

  • Words are only as powerful/influential as people make them

    It's completely unnecessary and childish when people feel the need to include a swearword in every sentence. If you feel passionately about something, cite arguments to defend your opinion; don't throw abuse at the other person hoping they'll back down. You'll only succeed in ridiculing yourself. Having said that, I don't see why people get so offended by the occasional curse here and there. If we stopped making such a big deal out of swearing, it would lose its allure. Why do you think children get so excited when they learn a swearword? Because they know its naughty; if the parents didn't react, they'd soon get bored and stop saying it. Swearing is fine, so long as it doesn't replace intelligent conversation.

  • Yes, it is

    I personally do not see what's so taboo about a word. Swearing is not only a natural way to express anger, frustration etc.. It's also healthy for the mind an relieves stress. So yes, swearing is okay and it doesn't harm anyone if not done excessively. The only thing that makes swearing not okay are the people who use them in the wrong situations.

  • They're just words

    Why do we not accept these words? They are a part of are world and trying to shield yourself from them is denial! They have "dirty" meanings but really people? Your being stupid and immature! So just deal with the real world and stop pretending these words are wrong and shouldn't exist! It's stupid and silly to think that way!

  • It effects how people think of you.

    When the people around you hear you swear, especially about lame things, you now have a bad connotation with your name and perhaps those people won't want to hang out with you anymore. Plus it's bad for you to be angry all the time and it's REALLY bad to express your anger with words. It's easy to abuse words.

  • No, of course.

    It just makes the debate even more violent in nature.The basic point of a debate is to hear to the views of the other person and not mere fighting.You may say that it is just letting out anger and so is good for health but you even have to think of the other person and how much agitation you might have caused in his mind because of your words ... Even if it means letting out your anger. So, my opinion is that swearing when debating is not right.

  • This is a hard choice but no

    I do see that they are just words. That we should not stop people from using or knowing about them and can find many ways in witch they are OK to use. The promble I have with them is that it just makes agreements worst and promotes even more fighting. Also that we should be teaching people to use good and logical arguments, and not just shout swear words. So to me the words are just words but theses words are lazy to use and just gets no weren, other than more violent emotions, in most arguments, however in most uses it is fine to me.

  • Its a way of communication

    Its a way of communication so yeah its more than okay in my pov, moreover, plain talk is just plain, you see what I mean? It needs some more chilli added to it, which, in this case, is swearing. The only time when it can be bad is when its used directly on someone.

  • Its inappropriate in public and even in privet.

    They are called "bad words" for a reason. They convey disrespect about someone or something which isn't appropriate near anyone including family and friends. Some words are much worse than others, and shock some people for good reason. The "N" word is disrespectful if said by EVERY RACE, especially if used by the one race it was meant for. Only truly IGNORENT people use words like that.

  • Yes and No.

    The problem with "swearing" lies within age old beliefs, standards and personal viewpoints that have been about for ages. The fact is that "swearing" is nothing more than usage of words that we deem stronger in value that anything we could substitute. Ever notice how when an adult swears loudly in public, we see it as immoral and rude...Yet when we say the same thing alone at home for the same reason, it's perfectly acceptable. Swearing is a social issue, not a moral one. To some however, it IS moral...And that should be taken into consideration...However outside of that, it is a personal issue. We should either limit our usage in public, or change how the public views it...The latter, unfortunately will not happen, at least any time soon. Swearing is neither right, nor wrong as it does nothing to help or hurt anyone aside from those who find it to be wrong to them. As with anything else, keep others on your mind and respect the fact that some people find it offensive or morally wrong.

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