• Aggressive language is intimidating.

    Especially if in the mouth of an unstable person, it can be an indicator of a volatile personality. An extreme case sure, but still. Also, a potty mouth will put off your date if he/she has standards superior to yours. As for sociological studies showing proof of honesty...That's not the kind of honesty for an ideal reputation to have.

  • Swearing is good

    We make swearing out to be a bigger deal than it actually is. I don't see why the f word is not okay but fudge is. When you here them you know what they mean. Also, people are more likely to have their voices heard if they swear in a protest than not.

  • No they are just words

    When i hear people swear it doesnt really bother me to much, because i swear. The only people i swear around are my friends. But i dont swear infront of some people because i know that they feel intimidated when they hear people swear. I dont think it should be such a big deal because when you swear its really just a way to express what your saying or how you feel, i mean really they are just words, like i dont see the big deal, someone has come up with the words, we shouldnt pretend that the words dont exist. They are in the english language, i dont think they need to be discriminated. . . .

  • Sailors Mouth and Profanity

    Yes and NO,mainly No!Swearing is a act Humanity has endured for such a long time because the reason they swear is no reason yet the minority is suggesting of riding anger and/or threatening someone or something personally,never swear(I bleep it out with words appropriate diction).My perspective is "Swearing make you look stupider and sound undeliverable for those to hear".Sorry,but that's the Truth!

  • It's not the best way to speak but it's part of growing up.

    I think that cursing is something everybody will endure and sometime do. To censor bad words on TV and on the Internet is, in my opinion, stupid because if you don't hear it on TV or see it on your computer screen, you'll hear it in the streets. And if we decide to somehow erase all cursing from the world, humans would still find a way to speak aggressively and will conduct a new form of swear words. Cursing relieves anger. Sometimes, when I'm angry, instead of punching a wall (or a face) I swear...And somehow, it seems to do the trick. Swearing is good but in moderation.

  • Although I don't swear on this site,

    My upbringing and career choice have virtually guaranteed that when I'm not in the company of those I know would find language offensive, every other word is the F word, and I replace many nouns, adjectives, and verbs with other, more colorful ones.

    Swearing is only bad because it's socially unacceptable. If it were not considered so bad, it would be held with the same value as "darn", "shoot" or "frick".

    With that said, dismissing these words as nothing more than standard vocabulary would go far in taking the "naughtiness" out of them, and would negate any weight they carry.

    These words are only as powerful as the people think they are. Dismiss them and they are powerless.

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