• It is a pure sport and you should try it.

    Swimmers are very strong athletes and swimming is a pure sport. It is a pure sport because nothing or no one but you can change the output of a race. So if you do not do well then you cannot blame a ref or another player but you can only say that, I did not do well. Also it is very demanding as as a swimmer you have to practice 30 hours a week so if you think that swimming is not a sport than you should try a competitive swim practice. But dont blame me if you die in the practice.

  • Swimmers are strong and powerful in many physical and mental ways!

    I am a swimmer. We spend an hour and a half practicing six days a week. In swimming we sweat but we don't feel it because we are wet. We get stronger and more powerful with each stroke we do. We also get more strength with our mental state of mind. Our coaches give us support all the way through out our careers and lives.

  • Please Learn the Definition

    SPORT: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment

    Physical Exertion --> check (both physical AND mental)
    Skill --> check (butterfly without skill hahahahaha)
    Individual/team --> check & check
    Competition --> CHECK

    Is swimming a sport? Well, according to the definition of "sport:" YES

  • Swimming is definitely a sport

    Swimmers work crazy hard. I practice Monday-Friday for 2 hours before school and again after school, plus 3 hour Saturday practices and Sunday meets. And I'm only a freshman in high school. I wake up at 4 every morning to swim, and others complain because they have practice 3 days that week? Not very many people understand the dedication needed to be a swimmer.

  • Swimmers are some of the top athletes

    Swimmers have to train at least 20 or more hours a week to just stay in shape. I know... I am a swimmer! You take a week off and it will take you a month to get back to where you were at. Swimmers are some of the hardest works and most competitive people you will ever meet. Swimming takes skill. It isn't just splashing water. Also, swimmers have to do things out of the water to be good in the water. We weight lift, run and more. I know swimmers that are better runners than track and field competitors. All I know is that it takes work. It is NOT easy!! If you do not think that swimming is a sport, you jump in and beat someone that is a swimmer then tell me swimming is not a sport!!

  • Come on people!

    Have any of you people who don't think that swimming is a sport tried go to practice 6 days a week and swim 3000 yards every practice and sometimes do dryland, which is pushups and stuff? I don't think so. Then there are also swim meets, which last for hours, twice a month at least. Come on.

  • Swimming is hard work

    When you swim you workout every muscle in your body and you don't have breaks and all that stuff. If you swim you still have fun but you do it for yourself. Every night I have practice and I work hard even when everything hurts. Yes it is a sport.

  • Swimming is hard work

    When you swim you workout every muscle in your body and you don't have breaks and all that stuff. If you swim you still have fun but you do it for yourself. Every night I have practice and I work hard even when everything hurts. Yes it is a sport.

  • I was a swimmer in High School

    It's such an awesome sport to be part of, you get a really great workout out of it and it's definitely tiring where you know you got a great workout in and it leads to great body results in the end. People who think it's not a sport are the ones who haven't gave a try yet to find out how it really is to do the sport.

  • Do not say no

    Is is a sport because swimming requires muscles and strength, and did I mention that is also in the olympics and that is full of all kinds sports. People are wrong about swimming not being a sport and I think people who think it is not are dumb and I think they should agree with every word I am saying right now.

  • Swimmers are weak

    Swimming is the most unathletic activity in the world. People who swim that think they are athletes must be high. Michael Phelps probably would collapse if he had to run ten ft. Swimming is weak and is definatly a rec activity. In conclusion swimmers are the weakest human beings on the planet.

  • The sun is Not a star

    How many people think the sun is as star? Only stupid people. TheblainePlane is right. Swimming is not a sport because the sun is not a star. Is doesnt even make sense to becomes a sports. Fish can be better swimmers than humans, just like the sun can be a better star than every other star, although it is not

  • Swimming isn't a sport

    Swimming isn't a sport. Do people get paid to swim. Nope and even if your in the Olympics you only get paid for advertising. NOT SWIMMING. Football players get paid but swimmers do NOT. People who swim are also arrogant and that makes them not sportsmanlike. Black people cant swim thus making it not a sport

  • Swimming is not a sport

    Beating the crap out of water isn't a sport it's an activity or a hobby... Whatever you would like to call it. Anybody can kick water. It doesn't take skill. Just because swimming is in the Olympics doesnt mean its a sport. If so then apparently soccor or football or baseball isn't a sport. Yeah you actually have to do work but living life is hard work and life isn't a sport! Everybody can swim... Not everybody can skate or throw, catch, and hit a ball.

  • Swimming is not a sport.

    Swimming is not a sport. It requires no skill. It is an action. It may take work, but it's still just something you preform. People say it's a sport because it's in the Olympics. Let me ask you a question. Do you consider football a sport? What about baseball? Soccer? These are all sports that aren't in the Olympics. The difference in swimming and these sports are these sports take skills. They're not just going back and forth endlessly.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Swimming is not a sport, just like the sun is not a star.

    The correct definition of sports by google is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."
    Since I cannot argue on physical exertion and skill, I'll argue on competition and entertainment.
    Just like racing is a sport while running is an action, swimming is an action more than a sport technically. I like swimming, you take a breath and start paddling your hands and legs depending on what style are you doing. When I reach the end of the pool, i kick the walls and turn back for another lap. It trains my stamina.
    The main point I'm saying that swimming is not a competition technically is because you can do some other sports while you swim, making it an action. Here's an example: water volleyball. Swimming is an action to the sport water volleyball. Another example: Competitive swimming. Swimming is the main action to the sport competitive swimming :). In contrast, a sport cannot have another sport on it. For instance, you cannot play basketball while you kick a football (okay unless you are literally genius)

    Waiting for your objection

  • No way jose

    It is for little weak girls that are unable to play a real sport because of their lack of ability to do anything else with their life and it disgusts me. Go swim to the bottom of the ocean and never come up please and thank you. Have a nice day.

  • Are you kidding me!

    It is totally a sport. I am a 13 year old extremely competitive swimmer. It's a lot of hard work and you have to put a lot of hard work into it. It's not a walk in the park. If you actually try and work really hard at it it's difficult. But if you don't try then it's really easy. But you have to try. It may seem hard sometimes but you get back up. My favorite race is 200 butterfly. Butterfly is really hard. So if you try then it's hard, but if you don't love it and put your heart and soul into it, then it's awesome but hard. Everyone should try it! It's a great way to stay fit, I'm pretty fit myself actually. It's a great workout. Good luck!

  • Swimming is not a sport it is a competition.

    Swimming is not a sport it is a competition. Even though it takes a lot of hard work and skill it is still not a sport. I do believe the participants are athletes but just because they are athletes do not mean that the thing they compete in is a sport.

  • Sport needs 'direct' opposition

    In order to be a true sport there must be 'direct' opposition; by that I mean that a person or team is trying to stop you from winning and can directly stop/hinder your performance. For example: rugby, football, tennis, cricket, hockey...There is someone/team trying to stop you from scoring. In swimming you're not really competing against another person: you're competing against 'the clock'. You could, in theory, have one swimmer at a time race in the pool - they are trying to beat the others but it's the time rather than the person. In football you need to physically avoid the opposition to score.

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