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  • There is no "end times".

    Christians have been railing about the "end times" for 2000 years. In every generation they point to natural disasters, war, famine, and "declining morality" as the so-called "signs".
    Yet there are no more natural disasters on average than there have ever been- we just have near-instant global media coverage and HEAR about it.
    There has always been war and famine. In fact we see less of it today than eras past, and far fewer die.
    Then there's "declining morality"- which to every generation seems to mean "morals and values are changing and we don't like it!". Every age group seems to think their children are in moral decay because social progression is a never-ending process.

  • How can we even be sure?

    All of the prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled, except for the return of Jesus. The media and on the popular level love taking Revelations to be meant as telling our future. That's not even the purpose of the letter. Everything in the letter has been fulfilled during the Roman Empire, except for Jesus' return.

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bubbatheclown says2014-03-07T20:00:56.973
Probably not this Syrian conflict, those it is one of many wars.
It's true that Christians have been "railing" on about the last day for the past 2000 years, but this age is different than the past 2000 years.
For starters, I heard somewhere that more people died in 20th century wars than in all previous wars combined. We have foreign exchange stuff, a global stock market, and bitcoins. A global currency is closer than it's ever been. We have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, the News, and Skype. A global communications system is closer than it's ever been. There's probably been more famine deaths in the 20th century than all previous centuries combined, though I cannot confirm this. The State of Israel has been reestablished, and sure enough it's hated by all nations. Put your skepticism aside and look at the prophecies, and be amazed at how the end times are upon us.