Is taking care of the Earth more or less important than recognizing human rights?

  • Here is my thought

    I believe they are both important and need to be balanced. Failure to care for earth will lead to its doom and failure to care for human rights will lead to discrimination issues. We need to work together to solve both issues before it becomes too late. That’s my thought.

  • First human rights, Because if we can't elect the right person, And society doesn't respect the low, The earth deserves to die.

    I believe human rights are more important then caring for the earth. Failure to elect the right person will lead to the earth being uninhabitable. We need to work together to solve discrimination first. We need to fix the rigged and unfair judicial system, And election system then work with other countries to fix global warming!

  • We need to get our priorities straight.

    The earth is dying and we all know it, What is the point of human rights if humans don't exist. We need to address one first and conquer it completely(fixing the earth) and then address other problems like human rights. As I said, We need to get our priorities straight,

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