Is talent more necessary for success than money?

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  • Talent is key

    You can be a billionare, but have no talent what so ever. You may still make money, but you won't make a lot. With Talent you will start small and your wealth will accumulate more and more over time. Eventually you will be a talented millionare. Plus Talent can help you sell more music albums and thus you'd make more money. Without talent you can't have success.

  • Talent is more necessary

    Talent is necessary more than money because a talented person can get success by using his talent but a person with money doesnt necessarily get success only because he is rich. Even if he gets success , it is not permanent. It eventually goes away but this is not the case with a talented person.

  • Both are equal

    Both are important.
    If you are Talented then money, Respect, luxury, fame, success and limelight everything follows you unless you get the deserved platform to showcase​ your talent and get the work noticed.
    In order to get where you intended to be and keep up your talent to improve it,to build yourself, you always need money.
    Let's get practical, if you are Talented,but poor.Lemme put it this way
    Does talent fill your stomach when hungry?? Does talent alone give you the respect,status in the society??Don't take me wrong.Yes, it's a bitter truth,this is how the world works.Nobody gives a damn no matter how talented you are,but have no money.
    Both have their own importance,but being Talented is a bliss, god's gift.

  • -“Superfluity comes sooner by white hairs, but competency lives longer;

    I. William Shakespeare rightly said-“Superfluity comes sooner by white hairs, but competency lives longer; which means that riches bring many worries that turns our hair grey, but people who are talented and satisfied, they don’t have such worries, and thus lives a happy and content life. Thus, be smart and content, instead of being a dissatisfied youth

  • Money does not = success

    Some people are just born with money. Some people make a lot of money in very shady ways that I would not be proud of. If I had to choose between being rich or extremely talented, I would choose the latter. Money is made every day, only a fool would trade a rare talent for something as common as money.

  • Nope, capital accumulation is all that matters

    You can be a talentless hack with a few hundred dollars and be wealthy within a few years just by outsourcing the market trading on your capital.

    Anyone who has several hundred dollars can make this happen.

    Talent only matters to people who have to earn everything they make. The financial elite in America seldom have talents outside of market knowledge.

    But since the market controls the world, they really don't need other skills.

    It's easy to win the game when you're the scorekeeper.

  • Investment and Social Status are what grant Earning Power:

    There are billions of humans on the planet, millions have whatever talent you have, and the likelihood that there is someone out there far better at what you do is very high. This means nothing however in the first come, first serve nature of the world and how your networking abilities and communicative skills will grant you the positions you desire versus raw talent alone.

    Affluence has historically been the turning point for all forms of wealth acquisition and ultimately the "talented underdog" is favored because he is oh so rare.

  • You can't develop a talent without money

    Let's say there is an American in new York that can play decently the guitar, but in Kenya there is a boy that has a gift for music but doesn't have enough money to buy instruments or fix the core of his guitar. Being realistic who would have the bigger chance of becoming a rock star? Talent does not only require an investment of time but also money. Education for instance is also required to flourish a talent, how many people in the world have access to a good primary and superior education? We live in a world that is rigged, those who are born in a wealthy family will have an stable life while those that are born in a poor family and, even worse, a poor country are condemned to live in uncertainty. So if I could change my talents for money I wouldn't think twice.

  • Money works for rich people

    If people have money he gives his child a batter platform to prove himself. There are many talented person in the world who lost their talent due to shortage of money.
    If we have money we can hire talented people to earn more money.
    So i think money is equally important as talent.

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SweetTea says2014-08-07T12:02:43.893
Both are equally important. It takes money to launch an idea. It takes money to get a formal education. Talent is grand, but without the cash it goes nowhere. Money can start a business, but it does not guarantee success. Money can implement an idea. But whose idea is it? Money alone isn't talent.