Is talking someone out of suicide a selfish act?

Asked by: Ali.B
  • Its taking away their free will

    If someone is unhappy with their life and they decide to take their own life, then what right does one have to talk them out of suicide. It isn't there decision, nor is it their life, so I believe we shouldn't get involved with their decision. The suicidal also has free will given to them so they should be allowed to do as they like, we cannot interfere with that.

  • Most frequently, it is for selfish reasons

    I agree it does depend on circumstances. Although in most cases if someone is willing to talk someone out of suicide then, that person must have an ulterior reason for doing so. Why else would they take the time to talk someone out of suicide if they had no significant meaning to him/her? Also, not all mental illnesses can be cured unless the person is willing to accept their life.

  • Yes it is.

    Selfishness isn't always bad. I want you to live. I want you to love. I want you to prosper and find happiness. We're drawn to happier people. Being around happy people makes us happy. We're social creatures. If you're contented with your standard of living, you're less inclined to wrong me. These are the short term benefits.

    Subconsciously we know something's wrong if another of our lot wants to commit suicide. We empathize with them. We're not always so heartless as to cast them out, because we understand at some level that if we can bring them back.... If we can pull through, we'll be stronger for it. We'll still retain their knowledge, their wisdom, their "spirit." They might not make us happy in the short term, but their children might make our children happy someday. The long term benefits shines ever brighter with more of you lot in it. To be there when another needed it is an accomplishment we can certainly call our own.

    Is it selfish to want another to live? Yes. I believe it is, and I am unashamed of it. I'm damn proud of it, actually. Live the good life, mate. May the people you love find comfort where you call home.

  • It isn't even selfish to talk a person who is terminally ill out of assisted suicide.

    I will give three possible situations.

    First, you have a terminally ill person, who was going to undergo assisted suicide today, you talk him out of undergoing it. The next day, he/she gets to see their loved ones one more time something they enjoyed and wouldn't have been able to do if you didn't talk them out of it.
    Second situation, you have a terminally ill person, who was going to undergo assisted suicide today, you talk them out of it. The next day they get a breakthrough in valuing what they did in their lives. They would have valued theirself less if you didn't talk them out of it.

    Third situation, you have a terminally ill person, who was going to undergo assisted suicide today, you talk them out of it. Then a miracle happens, they are now longer terminally ill. This is a situation that can happen, there have been many situations where doctors were sure a person was going to die, and they didn't (for a good while).

  • Life is valuable

    Life is a gift from God. Saving someone's life is not a matter of if I benefit from it or not. It's a matter of saving a human being's life. Even if there's not a lot left in this world, LOVE is existent. Suicide is an uncomfortable topic, but never in my life have I seen in reality or in a fictional movie, someone talk another out of suicide for self benefit. Hypothetically speaking. Now even if someone were to try to talk someone out of suicide, it can't be forced. Sometimes opinion has no effect on a person. As "Hippocrat" stated, the actor still has autonomy.

  • From the perspective of someone who has attempted suicide

    With the exception of medically assisted suicide, talking someone out of suicide is saving a life. When someone is suicidal, they are usually not in a good or rational state of mind. Talking them "out of it" can only serve to provide them greater time for perspective and reflection. It is not a selfish act to save someone's life. Furthermore, the suicidal individual is still free to kill themselves at a later date. You have not taken away their option to do so by delaying the act. It is clearly not a selfish act to take a physically sick or injured friend to the hospital for medical treatment. It is no different for a mentally ill (injured) person.

  • Depends on circumstances

    If a person has terminal cancer or another incurable, deadly disease, they should have the right to go on their own terms. However, if they have a mental illness, they should be talked into getting help as it is treatable. Talking them out of it in the short term may seem selfish, but in the long term when they actually get treatment they will be happier. Plus, the question asks about talking them out of it, not forcing them out of it, so free will is retained.

  • Ultimately it is not.

    If there was one thing human beings are "gifted" with, it would be life. So it is only logical that the one gift that everybody has should be trusted to them and to them alone. If they decide they don't want to live then only they should have the power to stop.

  • The Mystery_Man Movement Says It Is Not.

    No. In Fact, Committing Suicide Is A Selfish Act And An Act That Will Effect That Person's Friends, Family, And Whoever Else Might Know Them. If You Know Someone Is Thinking Of Committing Suicide The Best Thing To Do Is Urge Them To Talk With Someone At The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline At 1 (800) 273-8255.

  • Suicide itself is a selfish act.

    I realize I am going to get a lot of hate from this but I personally do think keeping someone from killing themselves is not selfish because the fact someone is trying to take their own lives is selfish in itself. Coming from someone who's own grandfather killed himself, I saw the pain it caused my whole entire family. People who keep people from jumping, hanging, shooting, ect. Is stopping further pain being afflicted on even more people.

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