Is talking to someone in person better than talking to them over the internet?

Asked by: Haroush
  • More intimacy and safety

    I think people are losing the intimacy of being close to others personal interactions are dying and people today feel safer and covered up today on the net they can be anything or anyone not real honesty besides you really don’t know who your dealing with not safe perhaps it’s a good way to meet and start a conversation or exchange of ideas but you eventually have to meet the person face to face it’s a good icebreaker and does away with all the frustration and discomfort of small take shallowness

  • Blah blah blah

    I don't understand why the person asking the question has to give an answer for opinion questions. Now I need a bunch of filler words so I can submit my answer even though, I shouldn't have to submit no answer at all. A be..A be .. A be.. That's all folks!

  • Less Problems With Insecurity

    Many people have issues or social insecurities. Speaking over the internet is much easier than speaking in person for some people. There's a lot of pressure that comes with maintaining eye contact or thinking quick enough to hold a proper conversation, So it's understandable that someone would like to speak online, Since you can take time to think and don't have to worry about appearance or anything of the sort.

  • Different kinds of conversations arise when in person vs online.

    Many introverted people have a difficult time speaking face to face with someone - an ice breaker for these types of situations if often an online chat room. That experience allows for there to be less pressure in any given moment. I don't think one is better than the other, I think they both have value.

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