• Tap Water has governmental standards.

    Bottled water has no standards it must adhere to. In many cases, bottled water IS tap water- many popular brands have a municipal source!
    Investigation by the FDA (who has pushed for more regulation of bottled water) showed that up to one third of samples tested from bottled waters did not meet governmental standards for bacterial contamination. A further 20 percent failed on mineral and particulate contaminants.

    Bottled water is, frankly, just a way to make gullible people pay for nothing. There's a reason Evian spelled backwards is "naive".

  • Yes, tap water is much better

    -there isn't less plastic being used and no fossil fuels being burned to create the bottle. Plastics gives out bad chemicals that are carcinogenic when burning. Tap water is safer there's no delivery except the pipe set up. Anyways, the bottled water compagnies use TAP WATER. Either way same water, just one requires less time

  • Tap water has government standards

    One of the reasons why there should be no bottled water is because bottled water generates incredible amounts of waste which is why 55% of the world is connected to piped water because the rest 45% don't know how bottled water can harm the environment even if some people know that bottled water can harm the environment they don't care because they are too lazy to stop drinking bottled water. Tap water has government standards while bottled water has no standards. The problem is that the more people drink bottled water the more they are harming the environment.

    The other reason why there should be no bottled water is because of the harmful chemicals and why consumers are still drinking bottled water. There are still 45% of the world who drink bottled water and we need them to stop drinking bottled water because of the chemicals they put in bottled water to make it last longer and not get dirty early. These chemicals they put are bad for humans because they can cause a virus to spread then the people will get sick which can cause people to die and the more people die the more it will be worse for the environment. Together we can stop people from drinking bottled water.

    One of the biggest reasons why there should be no bottled water is because of the time it takes for bottled water to reach your country. This is a big problem because bottled water travels long distances to reach consumers. This is why people should stop drinking bottled water and the big question is How? . We can stop people from drinking bottled water. First, We can ban people from transporting bottled water to countries. Secondly, We can make sure that bottled water does not reach consumers and to do that we can involve people to do a rally and close stores. We can make more people join us and protest till bottled water is banned because if it is not banned then people will get sick and it will also harm the environment so people will listen if we protest.

    Bottled water is inessential and its costs far outweigh its benefits placing excessive strain on the environment, Water resources and human rights. Together we can stop people from drinking bottled water and we can ban bottled water so nobody can drink it. Everybody will be safe from the virus and the environment will be safe too. We will all be happy. So will we stop bottled water? We can do it together. Currently, 55% of the world is connected to piped water and if we protest this all can change because plastic is bad for the environment. We can make 100% of the world connected to piped water instead of 55% to piped water and 45% to bottled water. Together we can make a change and ban bottled water once and for all.

  • Tap water is better

    Tap water is better than bottled water because it saves money, it saves the environment, and the plastic from the bottle can leak into the water.
    100 cubic feet of water is approximately 57x 500 ml. Bottles of water. 100 cubic feet costs $5.20 in Seattle. However, at Costco, 57 bottles of water costs approximately $25. This is 5 times the rate for tap water, and for no extra benefit!!

    The plastic bottles wreak havoc on the environment. According to banthebottle.Net, a whopping 60 million plastic water bottles are disposed of EACH DAY. And that's not even considering the amount that isn't disposed, but thrown in parks, lakes, streets, etc.

    In a study in 2006, William Shotyk investigated the plastic in the water bottles. He found out that the concentration of chemicals such as antimony increase after the water is stored for long periods of time. "It's increasing over time because [the plastic] is leaching chemicals," said Shotyk in an interview.

  • Yes Yes Yes this is my life

    Since I'm born I've always drunk tap water and I'm in good health, I'm a kind of athlete and this is thanks to tap water, when I wake up? Tap water
    While I'm eating? Tap water
    While I'm reading? Tap water
    While I'm practising sports? Tap water
    While I'm sleeping? Tap water

    Tap tap water everywhere, tap water's life

  • Tap water is good

    Tap water is better because it has more minerals. Tap water is Tap water is better because it has more minerals. Water is better because it has more minerals.Tap water is better because it has more minerals.Tap water is better because it has more minerals.Tap water is better because it has more minerals.Tap water is better because it has more minerals.Tap water is better because it has more minerals.

  • In gerneral it is better for the eviroment, but depends on where you live

    As a general rule, America has some of the best water that has ever existed on the planet Earth as far as quality. There are those that live in poor geological or polluted locations, that absolutely need bottled water. However, I believe the majority of America should enjoy more tap water, and stop using so many plastic bottles.

  • Lithium in your water supply...

    Yes, tap water is better for you than bottled waters. It has been proven that cities who do not have Lithium in their water supply have higher rates of mental illness, rapes, murders, and other violent crimes. It's not that bottled water is BAD, it just too much is removed. Not everything in water is bad. We NEED a healthy amount of Lithium.

  • Cost is everything

    I would say in American the biggest difference between the two are taste and cost, bottled water will usually taste slightly better, however tap water is cheaper by a landslide. The facts debate themselves. Whenever I buy bottled water I feel a sort of buyers remorse because I know someone somewhere just made 99% profit off of me not to mention whatever the holiday made on me. When I pay my water bill I feel content with the service and its price.

  • Depends on what state you're from.

    In Eastern Washington and Idaho, theres a giant natural aquifer underneath us providing pure water without any real filtration- pretty much just as good as bottled water.

    However in other states they may use fluoride (Which is basically the toxic waste that comes off of molten aluminium) in the filtration process, which is very unhealthy for you when ingested.

  • This Depends Where You Live......

    In most parts of the United States Of America, I personally believe that bottled water bought from stores (supermarkets,corner stores,dairy's etc) is alot safer and better for you than the ordinary TAP water. Here in New Zealand we have fabulous tap water as it is straight from the mountains. My personal opinion

  • Purposely for consumers

    Bottles water is purposefully here for consumption, so it's ridiculously safe. It's also more convenient and regulated. It's hard for bottled water to be contaminated with chemicals such as BPA, which interrupts our bodies production . Some bottles also have fluoride in them, a mineral that helps our teeth stay strong.

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