• It is misused all the time.

    Politicians enter Congress broke and they leave millionaires. That shouldn't just happen. There is even a word for funneling money back to the district called created a pork project. Money is mishandled all the time because the ones spending it are not the ones that paid the taxes in the first place.

  • Yes, I think so.

    As rates of homelessness were soaring in Hillsborough County, the local government’s program for housing the poor was in crisis. It was paying millions of dollars to slumlords who housed the homeless, including veterans and families with small children, alongside sex offenders in filthy, crime-ridden and bug-infested buildings. It was sending the sick and dying to a squalid, unlicensed home where they were abused and they languished without care. It even ensured, through a perverse misuse of a federal reimbursement plan, that a few homeless people who qualified for federal disability money stayed destitute by garnishing most of their government checks. All of this was going on, but nobody --- not top government leaders nor the taxpayers who funded it --- knew the extent of the problems.

  • Yes, taxpayer money is being misused

    Taxpayer money is being misused due to outrageous government spending primarily for the military and defense budget. There are so many inefficient layers of government that are costly but not producing value. It is difficult for taxpayers to have any impact, other than at the voting booth. The spending decisions need to be more transparent and focused on improving quality of life and infrastructure.

  • Misuse of funds will always be a reality

    Regardless of the state, the political orientation, the administration in the White House, or any number of contributing factors, there will always be areas of waste in terms of taxpayers' dollars. Cities, counties, states, and the federal government are not always the most utilitarian when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

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