• yes it is

    Yes, this disease is not actually causing a lot of problems here in the US or across the world right now for that matter, but the media is making it look like this disease is going to be one that is going to wipe out the world in not long.

  • Yes, Tay-Sachs disease is sensationalized by the media.

    I think that Tay-Sachs disease is being dramatized and sensationalized by the media. I think if you were to ask most people if they even know about the disease, they would tell you they didn't I think that a lot of the reason for Tay-Sach's disease getting so much attention is due to politics.

  • Disease dramatzed by the Media

    I think that the media will dramatize an illness and make the public more worried then they should be in order to get ratings. I think if the media would try to get their facts straight and the make these things public it would work better for everyone who is involoved.

  • The media sensationalized.

    The Tay Sachs disease has been blown up and put in the spotlight by the mainstream media. The media tends to do things like this when they see an opportunity. The disease should not of received near as much attention is it did and now the public has a distorted view of the disease.

  • No, the facts are terrible enough

    No one can overstate the horrors of Tay-Sachs disease. Two
    people marry, each apparently healthy in every way. The woman becomes pregnant,
    and her pregnancy is uneventful. A baby is born, and appears completely normal.
    Then, at about six months he begins to decline. The parents watch his mental and physical
    heath decay, until he dies at about four. In another form of the disease, the decline
    begins in a person’s middle years, and he or she does not die. He does suffer
    nearly total mental and physical degeneration though. There is no need to dramatize.

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