Is Taylor Swift a better role model than Miley Cyrus?

  • Is This Serious?

    Taylor has respect for herself and builds herself around being classy. Taylor Swift doesn't need to be half naked, twerking on stage to get praise and attention. Little girls look up to Taylor Swift for being a strong, independent, woman. Not a hot mess who has no respect for herself.

  • Now she is.

    Taylor Swift is a better role model than Miley Cyrus now. Miley Cyrus is a bad influence on younger kids. She has changed drastically, for the worse.
    On the contrary, Taylor Swift is a better role-model for younger kids.
    Miley Cyrus used to be a good role-model for younger kids when she was Hannah Montana, but she isn't anymore.

  • Yeah of course.

    Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Taylor is an AMAZING roll model. She doesn't do drugs, she doesn't drink, and she has no scandals. Not to mention she hasn't gotten pregnant yet so everyone can just shut up about her love life because she hasn't done anything wrong.

  • Taylor Swift Rocks!

    Duh! Miley Cyrus once was a great role model: Hannah Montana! Miley Cyrus is incredibly grossly immodest! She drinks and smokes so much, and it's going to literally kill her one day! Taylor Swift is so nice to everyone, and she is herself in interviews AND in performances. She doesn't act all cute and good with Ellen, and then totally strip off when she's singing. Taylor Swift if so great, and her music is good, too. Love you Taylor! <3

  • Taylor of course

    I mean i used to like miley cause of hannah montana but.. No she wears inapropiate clothes.... But taylor is nice, isn't inapropiate, and super pretty. I wish i had the old miley back back when she was doing hannah montana or party in the usa..... So i think taylor is better

  • Throughout the years

    -After the years of watching both of them have some ups and downs, I would have to say Taylor wins the title of better role model. I liked both of them a lot, and they've both changed, but Miley pushes it a bit too far. I think that Miley used to be sweet, but now she is inappropriate, and kids shouldn't be watching that. Taylor has some flaws too, but none of them are as edgy as Mileys. I like them both, but I sincerely believe that Taylor wins this.

  • Inopropreit bad clothes

    Taylor swift is a good roll mottle for yet to be singers and singers. On the other hand Miley Cyrus wears really inopropreit clothes and is a bad roll mottle for young children and that's why I think Taylor swift is a better roll mottle for children and other people

  • Oh Yes ^_^

    She didn't turn that much unlike miley . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .

  • Taylor is not porn.

    Taylor swift in my opinion is a better role model because she doesn't get on stage and strip and twerk. Taylor swift is 25 years old and I can honestly say she has NEVER done anything like Miley Cyrus. Before Miley turned into the crazy persons she is now, I would have totally believed that she was a GREAT role model. This is my opinion. Everyone has their own. If Miley is happy the way she is now, then I will support her. But this is my opinion.

  • Taylor Swift is A Great Role Model

    Maybe she has dated a lot of guys, but she wasn't dating them all at the same time! She's just trying to find love, whereas Miley acts inappropriate, wearing almost nothing all the time and being influenced by our society. Taylor would never change because of the person she was in the past and the person she is now.

  • It depends on what you consider a role model to look like

    Rather than basing things off of appearances why don't you listen to the two artists message. Taylor's messages are based off of being who you want to be, then running off to buy makeup and pretend to be a covergirl. Miley on the other hand explicitly states that you should be who you are, not what you "want" but who you need to be. Taylor has been through multiple boyfriends within a months span saying "she's 'waiting' for Mr. Right" where as Miley has had a successful relationship with one guy and nearly got married to him. Although Miley dresses inappropriately and Taylor seems to be a little white angel, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover here. Rather, we should read the book itself and decide from there what we feel.

  • Cyrus is a better role model. At least for me.

    You can't just say that Miley is a bad role model just because she strips her clothes off on stage. At least she is comfortable with what she have and know her body well enough. Seeing a naked woman doesn't make you less human. The only thing that people don't like about her is her behavior and I get it but why would you hate a real person just because she's not behaving the way you wanted to? She never asked you to give her some attention and stalk her. I don't hate Taylor but based from what I see and observe, she's a sexist woman that pushes gender equality but then always shows this feminism. Miley also dated a guy for 5 years which Taylor hadn't done yet. Jumping from guy after guy is a good role model? Revenge to a former friend with guns on music videos is a role model? I know Miley smokes weed and people might find it disturbing but how did it make her less human? Have you even heard of her charities? She is the voice for animals. What about Taylor? Oh yea. She's busy with her grammy's. Nice. I just don't get the point of Taytay being the role model just because she has this sweet looks and miley is not a role model because she is fierce and true to herself. I'd rather behave inappropriately and strip off in front of you than be fake. :)

  • Miley is real.

    She can sing like an angel without autotune or editing to enhance her voice. Miley works with people from all different walks and doesn't have an elite "squad" that follows her around. She's about being who you really want to be rather than being who everyone else thinks you should be.

  • Swift is fake

    Miley is extremly nice, and swift isnt, who cares of Miley dresses badly, shes still nice, thats all that matters. Swift is very fake, thats why she ignores fans if the papparazzu arnt around, but if they are around.... She is so fake to her fans, but like i said above, when the papparazzi arnt around, she'll go right past her fans and put her nose in the air, or when shes called she will put her nose in the air

  • Miley Cyrus is real and honest

    I'm sorry but to me, you can't call a home coming queen that talks crap and sings crap to get spotlight a role model
    We all are different and sometimes we get desperate, sometimes we need to go crazy. Taylor goes crazy by saying nasty things bout other celebs but got through it because she "looks nice" or probably cuz she says "thank u" I cant understand
    Besides, Miley sings live better to me

  • No. She is phony as a three-dollar-bill, conceited, childish and petty.

    Excuse me if I don't think the kind of person who responds to anybody who has a disagreement with her by attacking them publicly in the form of a crappily written yet unjustifiably popular song about them, is somebody I'd want a daughter of mine to emulate. She's no better than Miley Cyrus, she's just more of a hypocrite.

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