• I am certain that she is at least a "fake" country singer. She was a manufactured product from the beginning.

    Her original guitar teacher said this much when the New York Daily News interviewed him on Jan 11, 2015. He is very good at answering questions @ronniecremer, and he sounds very believable. Her parents manipulated her journey into country music from the very beginning. Didn't anybody notice how she lost her "country" accent suddenly?

  • Yes and no and no. Yes, she's fake, no she's not country and no, she's no singer, that's for sure.

    She's definitely as phony as they come. Her music isn't country and in fact it has ruined country radio like a drunken bagpiper wrecking a society wedding. I've heard better vocals from a cat in heat. Hearing her music has by comparison built up my tolerance for the sound of a rake running across a blackboard

  • Your opinion's invalid

    Of course she isn't fake, you can't fake your accent or your background, she doesn't even sign that style of music anymore. This debate was clearly just created to allow someone to have a personal dig at Taylor Swift in an anonymous fashion with absolutely no grounds for prejudice excluding the fact she is very beautiful and an incredible signer.

  • Sheep! You are all sheep

    She's a great country music FAN! NOT singer. Taylor had only 1 choice. Buy a future in music. I could go to Nashville tommorow record a phenomenal demo made up of my diary and union musician and "get a label" behind me. The fix is in. Learn the music business folks

  • She might be making pop now, but she was never a "fake" country artist.

    I'm not even sure what you mean by a "fake" county singer but it's certainly not Taylor! Taylor as a child was passionate about county music and as she got older she decided to pursue it as a currier. She has gotten gradually more pop but, as she said her self it's just a new version of who she was all along.

  • No she is not.

    Taylor Swift is not a fake country singer, she likes to sing country but also seems to like mixing it up and mixing genres together for her own unique sound. That does not make her a fake country singer, that just means she is enjoying her songs and making the music she loves.

  • No she's not!

    Of course this is all my opinion, but nevertheless I shall proceed. Swift has sold millions of records both in the country and pop genres. SHe's also very attractive and talented. You might say that she has transferred a bit to pop, but they all do that,in order to become more commercially successful and also more mainstream. But, to call her, fake, that aint right!

  • Taylor Swift is a R.E.A.L. Country singer

    Being a country singer does not matter where you came from. It is where you are going. She fell into the country genre. She is a real singer because she does not sound auto-tuned like most people out there. Taylor Swift has a pure voice that can not be fake. Her voice is real. She does not brainwash little children, she sends the children a message through most of her songs. She does not sing about sex, drugs, alcohol like most of the singers out there. She is the real thing.

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