• Taylor Swift Is Great For Motivation

    She’s beautiful, but she has made it clear that she isn’t perfect. Taylor loves her fans. She shows people of all ages that you can be anything you want to be. For example, she wrote “Love Story” after her parents forbade her from dating somebody, and now look at her. Great music. I truly believe she’s an amazing person.

  • Yes she is!

    Taylor Swift is good for children, first of all because she's a good role model. Taylor Swift showcases that it's possible to be a successful woman artist without having to wear provocative clothes or sell your sex image. She writes all her own music and she's one of the few mainstream artists out there that can explain every single line of every single song she's ever released. In my opinion, she's a grounded and hardworking person but also a philanthropist. She's a classy woman that dresses decently but also likes to take risks sometimes. Like she's said: "For me “risky” is revealing what really happened in my life through music. Risky is writing confessional songs and telling the true story about a person with enough details so everyone knows who that person is. That’s putting myself out there, maybe even more than taking my shirt off.”
    She's also really kind and sweet and her music is clean.

    Posted by: Cel
  • She has clean music

    Kids can listen to her songs without parents worrying about them repeating lyrics. She rarely uses swears words. Though true that only a handful of her songs aren't talking about relationships that can give 13 year old girls some false ideas, she never refers to anything worse than an occasional song about her boyfriend cheating on her. Some of her songs are even upbeat and are better for kids than club music.

  • Yes, She teaches Women to be strong an and individual

    Even as a guy, I understand her message. She implores women to not follow what a crowd demands of them, she teaches them to be themselves and not to act fake. She also teaches women that even when society tells them that they are always wrong, there are certain situations that you are correct and not to plunge yourself into depression. Plus, Taylor Swift's music isn't vulgar or sexual, its rather bright and clean to what children are actually listening to like rap which involves sexual innuendos, violence, and hate.

  • She is a great role model, and good for children

    Taylor Swift is one of those singers that have changed, but only a little bit, but does that make her a bad role model for children? Of course not! Just because her hair isn't the same anymore, and she lost some of her country, she is still great for children, and a good role model what-so-ever. :)

  • The mass-marketed and advertised members of the entertainment industry are not only bad for children, but for the country.

    When we think of an individual like Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber, even Kanye West, we are encouraged to think "they have earned their wealth" through what we consider talent, what we consider hard work. The fact of the matter is, however, these are also people who exploit their luxuries in a manner that would make an adult who actually earned such wealth shake their heads in shame. However, being as rich and powerful as they are, they obviously are very influential to our youth. As a result, when a man like Lil' Wayne, with immense success in the "music industry" is caught and arrested for illegal drug use, people are going to think that it's wrong that he is stopped for breaking the law, and will proceed to do as he did-smoking whatever the hell they want. The law does not apply to him, when they are made lazy and stupid enough to think the same goes for them. Overindulgence is prom0ted by these people, and Swift is no different.

    We have let ourselves be fooled, and we have let this entertainment-industry complex indoctrinate not only our youths, but our voters. It is an opiate for the masses that is unrivaled in effectively and successfully turning the majority of our population into blind followers who accept an unjustifiable status quo.

    In the 1980's, this shift in entertainment from simple and common promotion of talent to a new form of involvement, promoting what we know now as "rap." Anybody can do it, but only a few are rolling in massive amounts of wealth for it.


    Can you name ONE thing that Swift has done to benefit the American culture. I end the sentence with a period; it isn't even a question because there is no answer. She has done nothing but serve as another member of the upper class, and has given false hope to the ignorant who think that by conforming to the standards, they can achieve success.

    There are more than one million musicians in the world who see no acceptance. Indie Rock bands, for example, receive notoriety only when they become 'edgy' with political messages, and then soon fade away for not conforming to the establishment-or they become the establishment.

    This is how America works now.

  • All she does is write fake songs about boys she starts fights with.

    Taylor Swift needs to grow up. I actually liked her music when I was little but I didn't know what some of her lyrics meant. She asks a guy out like all the time and then like 2 days later she writes songs about it when it was all her fault in the first place. Shes wanting to 'make babies' and get married instantly when they had just started to get to know each other. She is talented, and great at writing hits that fast, but children wouldn't understand half the phrases she says. I'm not a hater I swear because she is pretty and all those good things, I'm only answering the question that was being asked . :)

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