Is Taylor Swift's music good enough to earn so many Grammy nominations?

  • Yes, it is

    Taylor Swift is an icon in today's world. Her music appeals to many different ages and genres. It is definitely good enough to earn many Grammy nominations. We should be honoring her for being such a great musician and singer. I think she's a great role model and should be recognized.

  • I hate to admit it but Taylor Swift is really good

    For one, I am not a Taylor Swift fan and avoid her music like the plague. I have to admit, however, that she is an exceptional song writer and is plugged into her generation. She speaks to what teenagers and early twenty-somethings are going through in relationships. This drives up sales and therefore, gets her lots of Grammy nods. This in turn gets even more people to notice what she is doing because if she is getting rewarded, her music has got to be good right? She just can't lose.

  • Young superstar is earning respect as one of the word's top entertainers

    Once a young teen sensation enjoyed by many in the Country music genre, she has now catapulted to word superstar and has the Grammy nomination respect to prove it. Even though she is still quite young she is already a savvy veteran that has compiled quite a resume which includes hit songs by the bunches. Her current tour is a juggernaut and the entire world has taken notice.

  • Yes, Taylor Swift's Popularity and Accessibility Prove her Talent as a Pop Music Performer

    The judgment of music is subjective, and there's no way to prove a performer's work is unarguably "good" in any objective sense. Taylor Swift's successful transition from country to pop music speaks volumes about her talent as a pop performer. Pop is, after all, short for "popular music," and Swift has the "popular" part down. She excels in her genre by releasing catchy, accessible songs that appeal to a wide fan base. This more than justifies the number of Grammy nominations she receives.

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