• Bad Blood music video shows that women can kick butt, too.

    Taylor Swift's music video Bad Blood shows numerous women, who are all beautiful and hold their own in their specific genres, looking fierce and ready to take someone down. The idea that women are just as capable as men to hold a bazooka, throw knives and complete take downs is the message in the video. There is no bashing of men, demeaning women sexually, Bad Blood is the perfect feminist manifesto.

  • You can't kick butt without wearing false eyelashes and high heels?

    BDSM gear for all the girls, all dressed up sexy and wearing make up. One man dressed in plain clothes. What's the message: you can't kick butt without wearing false eyelashes and high heels?
    More seriously, the women in this look just like they are culturally imposed to look, it's a cliche, it's not feminism.

  • No, Taylor Swift's video for Bad Blood is not a feminist manifesto.

    While Taylor Swift aligns herself with noted pop-culture feminists like Lena Dunham, it is deceptive to consider her cultural contributions as feminist because they are not inclusive of a variety of women and feminist viewpoints. The Bad Blood video is an example. Filled with Swift's successful, sexy friends dressed in BDSM gear, the video is really not feminist. The women are dressed in the culturally imposed look of what strong women are supposed to look, like wearing black leather and heels, which is objectifying, not equalizing.

  • Taylor Swift's music video 'Bad Blood' just entertainment

    No, I don't think Taylor Swift's new music video for 'Bad Blood' is anything more than an expression of her creative, artistic style. She is trying to revamp her image and this video of outrageous costumes, racy themes, and celebrity cameos is more about spicing up her style than it is about attempting to make some time of feminist statement.

  • No, Taylor Swift's music video is not a "feminist manifesto."

    I'm sorry, but I refuse to call someone a feminist just because they have a music video that doesn't degrade women. I hope that female "music artists" do not simply use their gyrating body parts to sell ear-worms to consumers at the behest of industry executives, but that would not make them a feminist.

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