• Yes, it's a fantastic program.

    Teach for America is a fantastic program and a very good career. It gives good education and wonderful teachers to underprivileged kids, and is one of the most noble programs I have ever seen. As a matter of fact, this group should be considered heroes for the work that they do.

  • Teach for America

    I personally agree, I believe With 1,500+ staff members working in over 45 regions across 12 teams, Teach For America offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Whether you’ve already worked in education or are coming from the private sector, we have a challenging role to match your skill set.

  • Yes, Teach for America is a good career.

    I think that anybody who has a liking to a career in terms of education and teaching should view something like Teach for America as a good career choice. It offers a good program that can help both teachers and students. The field of education is something that people should always view as important.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe Teach for America is a good program and I believe some teachers can make a good career out of working for Teach for America. Teach for America puts teachers in some of the disadvantaged school systems where good teachers are needed the worst. I believe it is possible for someone to spend their career in this setting and be very successful. It may not be the highest paying job financially but the benefits for the society and the students can be astronomical.

  • Teach for America is not a good career.

    Teach for America is a great career move, but not a great career. Gaining experience is paramount when entering into a new career field. Teach for America allows young graduates a chance to gain experience and to pass on knowledge while it is still fresh in their head. Some of the schools that these people teach at might have been where they ended up anyhow. If disguising the lack of options behind this cause gets them a boost on their resume and allows for further advancement, might as well.

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