• A valuble organization

    I personally agree,We seek to expand educational opportunity in ways that are life-changing for children and transforming for our country. Given our deep belief in children and communities, the magnitude of educational inequity and its consequences, and our optimism about the solvability of the problem, we act with high standards, urgency, and a long-term view.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think that this is a good program and is one that is helping out a whole lot of kids in the nation today. I think that this group is doing all that they can to try to make sure kids learn all of the things that they need.

  • Yes, Teach for America fills in necessary gaps in education

    While having temporary, new teachers in the classrooms that are struggling the most is not ideal, there is currently a huge shortage of teachers in the United States. Teach for America fills in these gaps and needs for teachers with qualified, intelligent individuals, so it is a very valuable organization.

  • Yes It Is

    Teach for America has been criticized for throwing under-prepared teachers into some of the worst school systems in the country, but I believe it is a valuable organization. I believe the organization benefits the students and the teachers that interact with it and it helps bring teachers to the schools that need them the most.

  • They provide teachers.

    Yes, Teach for America is a valuable organization, because they do amazing things to provide qualified teachers in places that would not otherwise have them. In teach for America, there are amazing teachers that inspire the next generation. Teachers do not work for Teach for America unless they are enthusiastic and ready to make a difference.

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