• Novice Teachers are worse than TFA

    Novice Teachers who were to replace the TFA teachers have both worse experience and education than the TFA teachers. So, TFA teachers are obviously better than the novice teachers. Also, normal teachers have more experience than TFA teachers, but 30% of them also have no experience. This is why I think TFA is better than atleast novice teachers.

  • Slowly, but yes.

    Teach for America has helped to raise the profile of teaching among college graduates, especially among very talented graduates from top universities who have other options that are more lucrative. The program has helped to regenerate some of the prestige and respect associated with teaching. Although it is not a perfect program, it draws attention to a social need and attracts new people to work not only in a powerful profession but in a needy area.

  • The proof is in the college statistics

    Low income groups in America are usually related to ethnicity due to workplace discrimination, so usually Hispanics and African Americans are disproportionately represented in that group. These two groups are going to college in record numbers. I think Teach for America has contributed to this. Surely some teachers only teach the minimum two years and leave, but other quality teachers decide to stay and help in those areas. I think teachers in low-income areas should be offered higher wages, and that would make the program better.

  • Reformation of Education

    I most certainly think Teach for America is working. The US is in dire need of educational reform. This organization takes a step in that direction of providing more individualized time to students, which is what every child should receive. It also takes into consideration that every child learns differently so curriculum should be adapted to cater to each individual.

  • Yes, TfA is working

    Teach for America is working. One of the main problems with today’s education system is that education is not well-respected as a profession. Teachers are subtly and not so subtly disparaged by many people from all walks of life. As a result, teaching does not attract the best and brightest young adults, and those that do enter the profession often quickly burn out and leave. Teach for America attracts people who otherwise might not have considered teaching as a profession to the field. By exposing more people firsthand to the needs of public schools, the organization is widening the pool of people who have experience with teaching and bringing greater public attention to school needs.

  • No, TFA is not working

    Teach for America is not working because America's public schools are still not as good as they could be. Even with all of these programs working to reform the public schools, no one can disagree that school needs a lot more before it gets up to the proper level. Even though TFA is fixing *maybe* a teeny-weeny bit of this, it is not enough and so it is not working.

  • Clearly not, as our education system is still horrible.

    It's pretty obvious that half-baked educational programs have never and still don't work. Good schools need good teachers, as well as budgets to support clean, positive environments, and we still don't have that. When I went to school the desks were ratty, the teachers were mostly rude, and like today there's too much emphasis on memory and test scores instead of actually learning things.

  • Not at all

    Have you seen the way they function ? It is despicable. They literally throw away veteran teachers and replace them with a younger, yet inexperienced group of kids who have only recently graduated from universities with (mostly with no teaching background) this should be regulated more carefully and many changes should com with it

  • Becoming Profitable with Wells Fargo $$$$$$

    Being and older staff member, I seem a lot of things going on in TFA, it appears to becoming a big buisness instead of helping, just like all non-profits. Putting olders teachers out of work, and thinking 21 and 23 yr olds can teach out childrens, it takes more then 2 years to know how to teach. And looking at all the new abut TFA, all the federal funding, they have enough to do what needs to be done, continually going out of the country on federal dollars that are my tax dollars as well, and not to mention the age issue. They do not want anyone 40 and ove, in staff or otherwise. The younger the more money or federal funds they can get, because they'll say, we are trying to help the poor, but are they really helping the poor. What I see is, if they are helpthing the poor, pay the qualifed good teachers a descent salary, they young will do their 2 years and just leave. So do I think they are working to do a good job, NO NO NO, they DISCRIMINATE

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