Is teaching children about evolution in elementary school okay?

  • Yes, why wouldn't it be?

    Many people argue that evolution should not be taught because a school is not aloud to teach students about any religions. I find this to be completely untrue that religion is not put into schools. I am a fifteen year old high school student and I can say that religion is taught in schools, not as in depth as say.. A religious private schools but it is definitely covered. In the sixth grade, we learned of many different religions, and their beliefs. We were exposed to every single religion and mind I say that I go to a very well known public school. I know the argument is coming, 'Evolution should not be taught because I causes disbelief in God and other such deities.' Again, I have to contradict you. Many of my fellow classmates are strongly religious and the concept of evolution never swayed their faith. This is because evolution does not state that there is no such thing as God or other deities, it simply states that as different species develop certain traits are lost because they are not as useful and others are favored and therefore those traits are passed on through reproductive processes. Nowhere in that theory do I see anyone say that God and other such deities do not exist. In one of the arguments on the 'No' side it is stated that "Evolution cannot be accurately measured. / Evolution cannot be observed. / Evolution cannot be controlled. / Evolution cannot be used to make accurate predictions of the future." All of these statements are incorrect. Evolution can be measured by taking data from different species and how they change throughout a set amount of time, otherwise known as how they evolve. This also is seen as observing evolution. Also, evolution is quite frankly controlled.. Even in the human race. A female or male picks a mate due to attractive attributes such as a good facial structure or body image which they think will provide well for themselves and a possible future family. This all comes down to natural selection. No woman will deny that she finds a man who is strong more attractive than a weak one because it shows that he will be able to provide and protect a family. A man or woman will also select someone with personality attributes they find attractive such as caring, because they will provide well for a family. Evolution is controlled because we pick people that we find strong and the others are left with undesirable traits not to pass on. Lastly, it is said that evolution cannot make accurate predictions for the future.. Which it clearly can. As the human species evolve they lose certain attributes while they gain others. As time has gone on humans have grown taller, and the pinky toe has started to disappear to the point that in many years the pinky toe will no longer exist. Evolution should be taught in school because it is something that is fact.

  • It should be taught just as gravity and subatomic particles

    There is a very obvious confusion here about what a 'scientific theory' ACTUALLY is. Most people think a theory is an idea with no proof that somebody thought up and just said 'this is what happened yup mhm got it figured out man'. That is very far from what it is.

    A scientific theory is when science is not able to accurately work out an answer based directly on immediately measurable testing results and such, so they examine the evidence that they do have. In evolution's case, there is a mind-boggling amount of evidence, some prominent pieces being the fossil record and radio-metric dating. Once they've examined all the evidence, they draw a conclusion based on what it points to. All the evidence, and I repeat, ALL of it, points to Darwinian evolution. There is not a single flaw ever recorded in the fossil record, or radio-metric evidence, and it has been proven time and time again to be plausible given the amount of time life has existed on Earth.

    So, really the question is with evolution, not IF it happened (we are 100% certain that evolution DID happen), but how it happened. We must teach evolution exactly as the theory of gravity and the theory of subatomic particles is taught; in whole and with no alternatives.

  • Teaching Evolution in school is necessary

    Evolution is the only explanation for humans that is scientific and viable. It has factual evidence that supports it and needs to be taught to all children in school. The alternative, a religious approach, teaches things that simply are not proven. Evolution should be a cornerstone of the education system.

  • It is the accepted creation theory and should therefore be taught

    Evolution should be taught in elementary school as it is the accepted, agreed-upon creation theory by the scientific community. To not teach it would leave the children far behind other nations, and possibly inhibit their ability to succeed as scientists. To not teach evolution would be the same as not teaching the theory of gravity or that the earth revolves around the sun. These are fundamentals that every child should know, even if they choose not to believe in it.

  • If in moderation...

    Teaching kids about evolution in elementary school is alright if it isn't forced upon schoolkids as 'the ONLY' possibility. Atheists can believe what they want, and Christians can believe what they want as well. The world is made up of millions of people, and we all have to get along! Creating a compromise etc, can help kids form their own ideas along with their parents/guardians AND teachers is a safe bet.

  • Of course it is

    Children are taught basic science in elementary school, and evolution is part of a basic science curriculum. The material should not be above the level of a typical elementary school child, of course, but to avoid teaching evolution because it may interfere with someone's religious views is, in my opinion, the wrong way of thinking. Evolution-- particularly a simplified explanation for children-- can be taught as a simple statement of what scientists have determined, without any religious context at all.

  • If God is not allowed, then this "myth" shouldn't be either

    If they won't teach Creation, then they should not teach evolution either. It is nothing more than a theory or myth. Just remove it all, skip over it. Let parents teach their children at home which way they choose to teach them of how they were created. Simple enough. Or is that too much work for parents? It is much easier to drop them off at a building for the day and never question what they are being taught. If God is not allowed, Darwin should not be allowed either!

  • No

    Teaching children about evolution is the same as teaching children about a faith. Whether it'd be a Jewish school, Christian, or Muslim. It should be up to children to decide what they believe. Evolution is supposed to have happened by chance. A mere chance. It contradicts itself just as the Bible does. However, the theory of evolution is literal. Creationism is not. It has hidden messages and in no way is meant to be taken literally. It should all be up to every single person.

  • Children do not understand what "theory" means

    I was taught evolution in 2nd grade and taught about creationism at home. Which is fine, I am not arguing which is "right". However, I distinctly remember a test which had a question: (verbatim), "The Earth is _____ years old". Christians don't believe the Earth is millions of years old. The test was multiple choice I knew they wanted me to answer "365 million", BUT they made "6 thousand" an option! I am 23 now and quite bothered at the thought of my kids being tested like this and how Columbus was a great man, etc... Anyway, I knew what they wanted to hear, but they didn't talk about what "theory" meant, and I was maybe 7 and I answered what I felt was true to myself. Teaching this stuff is fine, but I don't believe we came from monkeys and I don't think kids should be tested the way I was.

  • Not a useful skill to be wasting money and time on.

    I am not here to argue the merits of evolution, specifically macro-evolution. Rather, even if we concede that macro-evolution is true, why is there so much time, effort, and money put into teaching it when many other much more useful and marketable skills are being ignored?

    Evolution cannot be accurately measured.
    Evolution cannot be observed.
    Evolution cannot be controlled.
    Evolution cannot be used to make accurate predictions of the future.

    I am not objecting to evolution being taught at colleges or universities when folks are able to decide what career field they’d like to pursue. But American schools begin teaching the fundamentals of evolution beginning in early elementary school. Why? Frankly, underwater basket weaving has about as much to contribute to the job market as evolution does. The only career field that actually uses evolution is paleontology. What percentage of American workers are paleontologists? Compare that percentage to the number of computer technicians. Or lawyers. Or any other field. Consider the words of a paleontologist:

    “Most did not survive the brutal job market, where fewer than 20% of the Ph.D.S in paleontology get any kind of job remotely related to their training (mostly teaching in small colleges, or in medical school anatomy posts). Very few get to occupy the prime positions in the major museums and top universities (there are no more than 50 such jobs in the entire United States, and they are vanishing).” - Brian Switek, A Review of My Beloved Brontosaurus: On the Road with Old Bones, New Science, and Our Favorite Dinosaurs, 2013

    How about we focus our money and the students’ time towards things that will actually help them be competitive in the job market?

  • No to evolution

    Evolution is a religion, not fact. A religion is based on faith and it takes a lot more faith to believe in evolution than it does in a Creator. There is not such things as transitional fossils and fossils only prove that something died, they do not prove evolution happened.

  • Freedom of religion

    I shouldn't have to do an assignment that forces me to say that evolution is possible when i have absolutely no agreement in that statement whatsoever! I believe One way we got here, and there is no other way. This is it, like it or don't, scientists cannot prove we were evolved from monkeys, if this were to be true ( which its not) why didn't i come out a monkey and slowly progress into a human, hhhm?

  • Scientists don't even agree on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Why should we teach our children something that hasn't been proven to be true?

    Scores of distinguished scientists have carefully examined the most basic laws of nature to see if Evolution is physically possible - given enough time and opportunity. The conclusion of many is that Evolution is simply not feasible. One major problem is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. You can read more on it by clicking on this link below.


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