• Yes

    Imagine a world where children are not taught to worship any specific deity. They are only taught biology, chemistry, physics, advanced mathematics, their native language, literature, team building, and whatever else is in their school curriculum. Then, at the age of 18, they were presented with every major religion (regardless of the region) and told to pick one, or live without any of them. I imagine that if reason is established before indoctrination, religion would an extreme minority, or grow extinct altogether.

    That said, it becomes clear that religious leaders depend on the children to keep their religion going.

  • Teaching Religion To Children Is Brainwashing

    Religion is the opiate of the masses. It is the purposeful suspension of critical thinking. It has plagued our society since the inception of man. Teaching children old obscure tales is irresponsible. We should be teaching them critical thinking skills and making society more progressive. Don't spew your clouded views onto a child, let them develop and form their own opinions.

  • Religion removes choice, free will, and reason; three things which should be encouraged in a blossoming young mind.

    Teaching children ABOUT religion is very important. The various religions throughout history have shaped the world we live in, and learning about them is vital to understanding particular facets of humanity.
    However, raising a child in an environment which hinders individuality and promotes shame is damaging to their developing mind.
    From a societal point of view, times have changed, and religious doctrines are out of date. If a contemporary mind is restricted to accept only the thoughts raised in fictional literature from times long past the repercussions can be nothing but harmful, and potentially dangerous.

  • Teaching unconfirmed facts is brainwashing

    I doubt many people teach all religions to their kids. Those who are of a particular religion werent offered other options and were dictated by their parents that their way is the one and only way. Thats the reason Christian parents dont raise muslim children and vice versa. A child that wasn't indoctrinated will never (or very rarely ever) adopt a religion on his own. I believe that speaks volumes on whether teaching children a religion is brainwashing.

  • Religion is a unique type of ideology.

    Religion is a particular type of ideology that does not allow for compromise. Within Christianity God does not 'maybe' exist. It is a very absolutist stance that does not allow for much compromise; thus, yes religion is different from other 'opinions' parents may impose. Furthermore, religion forms a part of a person's identity - being Christian for instance is something that shapes the entire way you lead your life. It not only imposes a set of beliefs, it also gives you a social identity - We've seen how Islamophobia works in many countries, for instance. And even more so, religion is not something that is easily 'questioned' when you grow up, like a political or economical view that parents might impose on children. The nature of religion means that it is VERY HARD to break free from that religion. Now given all this information, we can see that religion IS a unique type of ideology, and that imposing this ideology at an age where people are most impressionable is definitely a type of brainwashing.

  • It Is Brainwashing.

    "Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, menticide, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated".[1] The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making." - Wikipedia.

    In other words. Indoctrination. The subjugation and retardation of a new mind's ability to think critically or logically in one or more aspects. To never question that what they believe in may not necessarily be right, an important trait to drive in. To never doubt the book a god wrote apparently in English or some other language exclusively and full of contradictions and stories that can't be proven more true than Goldilocks.

  • Yes. They can decide when they are older.

    To take a young child and indoctrinate them into a belief system that is based on faith rather than reason is wrong. Their minds are young, and they are not yet able to ask the questions that they need to ask. It makes more sense to give kids time and space to grow up free and let them decide as they become teens or young adults.

  • Definitly

    When i was young i did everything my dad did, like alot if kids. Religion is just one if the many things i liked and tryed to mimic about my dad. To say kids dont feel this way is rediculous. Now some parents do force there kids into religion but just as many dont teach there kids religion. Up to 16% of the US population is agnostic which is more than the amount of African americans in the US. So religion is on the decline anyway. And you dont need religion to know morals.

  • It is religious conditioning

    Children are very impressionable at a young age. They often believe the things their parents teach. They don't form their own opinions and think freely,because religion is ingrained in them early as part of their identity. It is also much harder to question or change their beliefs later in life and most don't. We need to give all sides of the story, without bias info, and let them decide.

  • Yes it is...

    I believe religion stunts you in many ways. Many things in our society based on beliefs we were given when we are younger and carry them through life. Yet, when we come to realize a lot of what we were taught is BS, and that religion stagnates growth to be open minded, understand for ourselves not what someone teaches to believe to be true. Children should be clean slated so they have their own right to choose for themselves. Religion should not be part of that process...

  • Give me a break.

    Brain·wash·ing noun \ˈbrān-ˌwȯ-shiŋ, -ˌwä-\

    Definition of BRAINWASHING

    : a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas
    : persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship
    — brain·wash transitive verb
    — brainwash noun
    — brain·wash·er noun

    I have been taught my gospel (I am mormon) since I was a child. And you know what my teachers, my parents, and my prophet always told me to do? Search for yourself. Don't take our word for it. Get your own testimony. And I did, I wasn't brainwashed, I was TAUGHT! There is a radical difference.

  • As Christian parents,

    We are teaching our children more than stories about the Old Testament Heroes or singing silly songs. We are having conversations about faith, about what it means to believe. We are honest about what questions we have, and encouraging them to ask questions as well. I think belonging to a "Christian Church" as an umbrella isn't the same thing as being a Christian. We are finding that even Christians can't agree about theology and biblical interpretation, so there are bound to be questions as the kids grow and learn to think about things for themselves. The only rule we insist on is that when they have questions they not only ask us what we think but also spend some time figuring out what they think and are prepared to tell us.

  • Like teaching them about Santa Claus?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm an atheist, but there is a difference between brainwashing and indoctrination. If you bring up a child who trusts you to believe in something, they will believe. But children are not as mentally helpless as we assume.
    Children grow up into adults and always begin to question the world around them. The biggest change children go through is adolescence, at which point they might rebel against 'boring' rules because their hormones are running wild and the parents are trying to suppress their desires, or embrace their new found reasoning powers and decide they are the most intelligent beings on the planet and protest against things like nuclear power stations.
    In the end all kids work out for themselves that Santa Claus is a myth and that their parents are still having sex! It's shocking, but we grow up to understand the reasoning behind our parents wishes to keep us away from the realities of life.
    The true sin of religion is to tell a child they are a sinner and teach them about Moses and King Herod. There are many more serious reasons why the teaching of religion to children should be banned. As far as I am concerned, this is child abuse in itself!

  • Any ideology...

    This can be said for any ideology that is passed from parent to child. Anything a parent does ultimately influences and biases the child in a particular way - the only way to escape "brainwashing" is to take a newborn, put them in the woods and allow them to form their own view of the world before returning to civilization. Good luck with any kind of advancement that way. As previously stated, any ideology can be used to brainwash, this ranges from religion, to secularism, from capitalism to communism, as each has their own inherent bias. If a parent teaches their child a single ideology and neglects all others it is dangerous, however if a parent exposes their child to a multitude of these, regardless of whether the parent tries to force the child to think a certain way, ultimately they will think what they want, whether they show it or not.

  • No religion specified.

    I do not believe that teaching children religion is brainwashing. Actually, I support and would argue that teaching children about the plethora of religions, faiths, sects, and cults that exist is a good thing. It prevents children from becoming bigoted, promotes open mindedness, and lets them make an informed decision, whether the decision is to be an atheist, pagan, Satanist, Christian, Muslim, etc.

  • No teaching children religion is not brainwashing

    Raising them with the goal of being religious is, there is a difference. If you are teaching children about religion, the different types and different practices in them, that is simply informing them about culture, educating them so that when they are old enough they will have enough information to capably choose a path on their own. But if you are raising them in one particular religion, instilling your values into their head from a young age before they can really decide anything for themselves, then that is brainwashing. But no I don't think teaching kids religion by itself is that, it's if you force your particular world view and belief system onto them that is.

  • Teaching religion is not brainwashing

    Why you think that teaching religion to our children is brainwashing. Is telling them where they come from or where their ethnicy come from is such a big deal. Havent your fathers tought you about your religion if u believe in one. All religions connect each other at the end. There is no superior or inferior in religions. I just wanted to inform the illegal people about this!!!

  • Are you kidding me

    There is a world of exploration out there, and theres no way to learn unless you are taught. If taught in the correct way, religion should be an option for an individual if they choose, and by exposing them to this form of faith, we are furthering their exploration of self.

  • Religion the oldest subject

    There is a world of difference between telling one what to believe and educating someone about the sphere of beliefs in our world. The teaching of religion should not be pejorative or cloud a students judgement. It is about teaching about the worlds religions impartially. Religious teaching takes account of each persons beliefs whether theistic, agnostic, or atheistic. Anyone can study religion from all faiths or none. After all when primative man asked the question: How did I come to be and how did my world get here and is there a God? He was doing theology and religious study began.

  • Religion alone does not brainwash

    It's a simple fact that any form of brainwash can not arise from one source alone, and religion sure isn't to blame. The whole brainwashed mentality comes from lack of knowledge and the ignorance to not pursue or accept information. The unfortunate part of ignorance is that it can be instilled in children at a young age. Religion is in no way bad, it can give a family and society morals, unity and among all things, hope. However unity in mass numbers mixed with ignorance is always just a recipe for disaster. Case in point, Westboro Baptist Church. No one likes them, Christian or otherwise.

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