• When you indoctrinate a child, and threaten them with hell...

    When you indoctrinate a child, and threaten them with hell...that is, in fact, child abuse. You are abusing a child mentally and causing them to fear. That's terrorism. Also, telling them to believe in lies that can't be proven as if they were fact only puts the child at a major disadvantage in a world based on science. Many of the high paying jobs are scientific in anture and placing a child at a disadvantage like that is abuse.

  • Yes it is since science and technology is the key to our future.

    Creationism, and the associated view of "science" that it entails, is simple disinformation. Forcing it down our children's throat simply distorts the meaning of the word. It confounds the biggest accomplishments of humanity with the words in a book that was written by goat-herders more than a century ago.
    If a child is to have all of the opportunities to thrive in a more technological and scientific world, their view of science has to be as close to the truth as possible. Creationism dictates the exact opposite of that.

  • Iit is myth

    There isn't anything rational or true about it. Religion and gods were used to explain the unknown, and things humans didn't understand. We still use gods and religion to explain things we can't understand. Fear of death, and the unknown are the human races biggest enemies. Why can't we accept that when we die, we are dead and life is over? We have this notion that we are somehow born again and live forever. It is time to move past our fears and face reality.

  • Child abuse it is

    These people are raving lunatics who poison there children's minds with garbage .Where I live Ireland these lunatics would be laughed at , beaten up , or taken away to an asylum for there own safety . I'm not religious but even in Ireland Catholics think these people are insane ( say's a lot) the teaching if this is criminal , I think USA is the only country where this tripe is tolerated .

  • Creationism is Absolutely Child Abuse

    There is a reason why kids learn astronomy not astrology in school. Nobody questions the fact that the earth orbits the sun. We don't teach kids that some people believe otherwise. Believe it or not, it does. To teach kids that "well a large percentage of the population don't believe this" doesn't make it ok to teach it. At one point nobody believed Galileo. Didn't make them right. The Earth is not 10,000 years old and as did every form of life, we evolved. To tell children otherwise with a power of authority shouldn't even be up for debate in the same way whether or not their "horoscope" has bearing on their life isn't up for debate.

  • It's not teaching, it's brainwashing.

    When someone "teaches" their kid a religion, they're forcing a belief into them. They're taking advantage of the developing mind of a child by forcing ideas into their head. And no, the same does not go for evolution. Creationism is one belief that is a part of christianity, but it's not mandatory. A guy can be christian and still believe in evolution. Creationism is a belief, not a scientific theory. Anybody who teaches their kid a belief is a zealot using their kid to spread their beliefs.

  • Creationism isn't a theory it is a guess

    To teach creationism is to teach a blatantly incorrect guess at how our world works. This impacts the child's future career opportunities and hinders the education system. There would be no question to whether this was child abuse or not if this were an adult teaching a child that germs did not exist or that doctors could not help them when they are sick and they must simply attempt to pray away the bad. So I ask why do we allow our public schools to teach children something that is entirely incorrect and not call it child abuse?

  • Yes, it is.

    "Teach kids both sides." Let's also teach children about horses, but also teach them about unicorns too. One really exists and will take place in the zoology class, the other... Could possibly exist yet there is no evidence for it, but we should teach that controversy. It is nonsense. It is child abuse to lie to children as an educator or authority figure that will drastically limit their education, while also threatening small children with eternal soul burning if they every decide to try to think about the "controversy" critically. There is no controversy. Evolution is a fact, there is fact and there is science denial. Only one of those needs to take place in the science classroom, the other will hopefully go extinct.

  • The tooth fairy isn't abusive either

    Most would agree that telling your child that when a lost tooth is placed under their pillow, that they will be rewarded by the tooth fairy is not child abuse. Even though it is a lie. If that is true, how could teaching your child something that you believe to be true be child abuse, unless believing in creationism is detrimental similar to physical or mental abuse, which I don't think it approaches.

  • No it isn't

    One does not have to believe in the Biblical creation account in order to teach it. Parents teach their children things which are untrue such as the existence of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny but no reasonable person considers this to be a form of child abuse. Further, many Christians believe in some sort of creation account and they are functioning members of society.

  • Stupidity isn't Child Abuse

    Is creationism a bit stupid? Sure. Does it have absolutely zero evidence to back up its claims? Yep. Is it anti-science that is preventing American children from keeping up with a world increasingly dependent on science and technology? Sure is.
    But child abuse? That's a bit of a stretch, and demeaning to the children who are actually physically and mentally abused. Creationism is no more child abuse than teaching a child the Earth is flat or that the tooth fairy is real. Teaching a child something that is factually incorrect is not abusive.

  • It isn't child abuse.

    Teaching a theory that people do subscribe to isn't child abuse. Not everyone may agree with it but that does not make it dangerous to teach or abusive and calling it such is something that is dangerous in itself. At some when they grow older children will make up their minds but all options should be on the table when it comes to teaching them.

  • Education allows you to make up your own mind.

    This reminds me of when people were freaking out about teachers teaching Darwinism. I believe that the more educated a person becomes, the more he can make up his own mind concerning what he believes. Statistics demonstrate that more people are leaving Christianity, and people are afraid that their religion is dying!

  • It isn't child abuse

    Evolution has lot's of mistakes, and creationism isn't evil. As a famous scientist said " In GOD we earn everything and lose nothing, in secularism, we lose everything and win nothing". If God is true, and you believe in him you gain heaven. If evolution is true, you just decompose.
    If GOD is right and you don't believe in him, you get hell.

  • Child abuse is a felony. To accuse someone you disagree with of being a criminal is absurd.

    Freedom of ideas, but if you promote your faith to your children you are criminal, subject to prosecution, have your children taken away. Sounds like Christians we may need a modern day Mayflower. Labeled, prosecuted, jailed, gas chamber. Jews believed in a faith and 6 million people of religion annihilated ... Atheist: Stalin, Mao, Hitler. Killed more than any religion. I learn from the debates between atheist and Creationist... But hope one doesn't decide the other doesn't have the right to exist

  • What about atheism

    If this is so then it is also child abuse to teach your children about anything else you believe in. Such as atheism. Or even small things like being a decent human being and showing kindness to everyone. If you believe in something you should be able to tell your children what you believe and why you believe it. Simple.

  • Teaching evolution is child abuse

    First lets be honest creationism is a main component of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Having said that evolution is a founding component of Secular Humanism, an atheistic religion. I have found that there is no evidence presented for evolution that could not also pointed to evidence of an intelligent designer. Finally there has been no society that has survived the teaching of evolution. The effects of evolution are broken homes, increased crime, and the eventual fall of the culture. In conclusion Evolution is destructive, unscientific and abusive to the coming generations.

  • Define your terms.

    What is real child abuse? Is it not insulting to those who have suffered abuse to categorize the teaching of ideas that can easily be rejected in our greater development as abuse? We have been taught many things that were considered science at the time that were later proven to be wrong, scientifically--was that, therefore, abuse?

    In fact, in using the term "teaching" is one implying "indoctrination" because it is not an idea with which one agrees? Indoctrination is one thing, simply teaching is another, as there is a distinct difference in the motive. A child can be taught wrong ideas, but they can also be taught to develop critical thinking and to question everything they are taught, or to question the source.

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