Is teaching hands on skills the key to reinventing high school?

  • It will help

    We definitley need to focus more on training and trade school than we do on college. Not every kid is college bound and that is okay. We need to offer both sides which would be advanced classes for those college kids, but also solid trades so people can graduate with skills.

  • Yes, it's the only way to get our kids involved.

    Yes, I believe that teaching hands on skills is the only way to reinvent high school. High school has not made a move into the 21st century. Teenagers are bored, and have lost interest. By using the same curriculum for the past 60 years, schools have stopped doing anything to prepare students for life in the real world. High school serves no real purpose. It needs to be completely revamped.

  • Yes, I think teaching hands on skills is one of the keys to reinventing high school.

    I think schools should in general be focusing on more hands on skill training, many people are able to fully grasp a concept they are struggling with if they are able to actually be there and do it hands on instead of reading about in a textbook, I think there should be balance but teaching hands on skills is something very needed.

  • Teaching hands on skills will provide students with practical knowledge rather than esoteric.

    Teaching hands on skills to students in high school will provide them with practical knowledge that can be applied in not only their possible future careers, but in their every day lives, throughout their lives. The current curriculum teaches higher level thinking that, though important to some, will not be used by most. Even now many school systems in North America are changing their curriculums to incorporate a hands on approach. The intent is to encourage students to enter the trades, and to reintroduce skilled labor as a desirable asset, rather than a last resort for the uneducated poor.

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