• What would happen?

    Handwriting also teaches you how to write and pretty much how to write letters- without handwriting you wouldn't even know how to write your abc! It would also lower your intelligence and with different writing like you can do different, creative fonts by simply writing them! With your laptop you have cool 3D fonts but H.W. Is essential. It also describes how you feel. Handwriting is also in your signature. You need neat H.W otherwise people also can't read it and that would be a waste of writing. :)

  • Yes It Is Important

    Handwriting can express how your feeling. That's something computers can't do for you. Don't get me wrong, I think computers are fun. But you can't rely on them. What if you were doing homework on your computer and there was a power surge and you couldn't work on your computer? You would need to know how to actually write. Like, on paper. Not a keyboard. I just think that handwriting is really important.

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  • Yes handwriting is important

    Because in exams, you cannot use computers unless you have a disability, you are then at a disadvantage because the examiner might not understand what you have written. Also if their is a power cut and their is no access to technology, then you would need to be able to write.

  • It's more than just handwriting...

    There are many statistics that directly correlate handwriting to other needed skills. It is proven that strong handwriting skills in the primary years enhance reading in the elementary years. The patterning used in handwriting makes for stronger spellers. You see, it's not about whether we'll use our handwriting skills 30 years from now, it's about the skills that they develop beyond simple "handwriting".

  • Handwriting is still important...

    Even though nowadays typing is very common handwriting is not obsolescent yet. What if technology shuts off what about than. Handwriting is a art and we should never stop it. Typing has no exercise for their fingers because all you do in typing is press buttons. Handwriting expresses you feelings and emotions too. Beat that!!!!!!!

  • Of course its important

    Do you know if you always rely on technology to do stuff for you then what happened when there is a power outage HUH then what will
    You do? You will be to stupid and forget everything about using your hands besides typing and clicking and moving mouses. So students should practice perfect penmanship although you don't need to have perfect perfect penmanships just handwriting that people can Understand!

  • Yes, it's still important.

    Although I can't remember the last time I had to write anything by hand beyond my name, there have been occasions where it's been needed. Even though technology has made most of us typists, not knowing how to write could still put someone at a serious disadvantage in life. Note taking in a meeting? Not always easy to do it on a tiny tablet or phone keyboard. Writing is essential.

  • Support For Your Brain.

    It helps your brain because of your reading level, and it also makes you write faster. It is also good for the brain it improves spelling skills. Handwriting requires the mastery of a complex set of skills.Handwriting is an integral component in learning and has been linked to success in school.

  • Handwriting Is A Key Subject When It Comes To Life

    Handwriting has helped people all over the world communicate back in the day. Lots of kids are still trying to develop their signature to write checks ad to make documents official. Kids still write stories in class and without writing people would not know hot to use their grammar when talking, and also with letters. This world would be a total disaster. Even though many people think that typing is the new writing I would love to see kids in the future continuing to write that rather to type!

  • No it is not

    Handwriting is not important as your skills matter more than you handwriting, You see even a doctor's handwriting is not good, But still he manages to save and cure so many patients.
    I hope you might have heard the name Hellen Keller she was blind, Deaf and dumb but still managed to do her education with help of braille. In the same way handwriting can not take over your talent and skills.

  • Just why ?

    If it's so important to learn handwriting than why am I a elementary student writing terrible and in the WINGS or GT gifted and talantes program eh my point no is right cause most of us write with our right so I'm sequence right PS used that word only to confuse you

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  • Spend the time on a useful skill like expository and persuasive writing skills.

    I am a home school mom to two young children. My oldest will be 20 in 2030. Does anyone really thing that handwriting will be critical at that time? Didn't think so. Rather I am spend time teaching them how to write effectively. That is a skill that will never die.

  • Im not saying that children won't be able to use their hands

    I'm saying that handwriting was a better way than drawing pictures on walls. That was a way that we evolved but now we have another way, a better way. Technology is our next stage of evolution. Children need to learn about technology so in the future they can invent new things to help us to help the earth.

  • Not important duhhhh

    I believe that students shouldn't be taught in school.Our world is changing.We have a better way of writing... Technology!Its not that important because yo could just type it on an electronic.Sure you'll need it once in a while but honestly who is going to see your writing .No one.THANK YOU.

  • We are in the Age of Technology

    Handwriting is not going to be used as much as it was in the past. Computers and typing are the basis of many professions. Why teach a skill, children will never use. They should be teaching children things in more important areas like leadership rather than how to make words look pretty on paper. People won't employ people with nice handwriting, they will employ people with good leadership skills and potential.

  • No, computers and technology will take over pens and pencil in the future.

    Personally, I don't find teaching handwriting important as I am sure that the society in the future will be taken over by technology. Schools now should teach the students through technology. I have a friend from Hong Kong and she does her homework in the computer, I find this a very good way of educating students as technology these days is getting much helpful and powerful. In conclusion, teaching handwriting is NOT important.

  • Good handwriting is no longer necessary.

    Yes, kids need to learn how to print, but there is no need to spend time teaching cursive or practising perfect handwriting because everything is done on computers now. I only use a pen and paper to scribble notes, all the stuff anyone else sees is typed. We didn't need to spend those countless hours perfecting penmanship at school because I have never used it since leaving primary school over 20 years ago.

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