Is Tebow talented enough to be an NFL quarterback?

  • Run the option

    Tebow's ability to be a good NFL quarterback depends on the personnel and system that surrounds him. He is an option/wildcat quarterback. Unfortunately NFL offenses are not built that way and do not stock rosters that are used to playing that style. If an NFL team truly invests in an option system, which I doubt will happen, than Tebow can shine in the league.

  • Yes, but he may not be talented enough to start.

    If Tebow wasn't talented enough to be an NFL quarterback, he wouldn't be in the NFL. So far two NFL teams have made the decision that he belongs in the league, so it's not a fluke. That is not to say that he is a particularly good QB. A better question would be if Tebow was talented enough to be a starting quarterback. And the answer to that question would be a no at this point in time.

  • Tebow was 1st in the NFL for TDs per completion in 2010 as a rookie

    In 2010, Manning threw a TD every 13.63 completions and 20.57 attempts.
    In 2010, Tebow threw a TD every 8.2 completions and 16.4 attempts and ranked 1st for TDs per completion,
    In his first 16 games of playing time in 2010/2011, Tebow threw a TD every 9.3 completions and 19.6 attempts which would rank 2nd for TDs per completion and 8th for TDS per attempt when compared to the 2011 starters.
    In 2015, Manning has thrown a TD every 20 completions and 31.5 attempts.
    Tebow scored 32 TDs and 2 two point conversions in 549 touches as a first time starter
    Manning scored 33 TDs in 697 touches in 2010 as a 13 year veteran.
    They are both top 5 scoring QBs. Tebow scored more often with 148 fewer plays.

    Since Tebow scored more often, how did Manning replace him in Denver? Completion percentage is the only category where Manning excelled because he throws short passes, but Tebow scored more often per pass attempt.
    Tebow's passing game is as aggressive as his running game. He's fearless in the pocket and lets his long routes develop. Longer passes are less likely to be caught, and more likely to score with fewer interceptions because Tebow is throwing over the heads of the defense. The completion percentage bias in the NFL rewards QBs that dink and dunk (Manning-10.4 yds per completion) and penalizes QBs that throw aggressively (Tebow-15.3 yds per completion) and score more often.
    Tebow scored 32 TDs and 2 two point conversions in 549 touches as a first time starter
    Manning scored 33 TDs in 697 touches in 2010 as a 13 year veteran.
    Tebow scored more times with with 148 fewer touches.
    148 plays is 3-4 games better scoring efficiency.
    Tebow went 8-5, won his conference and his first playoff game, broke a 32 year old playoff passing record, was selected a 3rd alternate to the pro bowl and a top 100 player of the year, was named the starter in Denver for the 2012 season and was traded away and never started another game. Nothing has changed since the NFL evaluated him so highly. He's still the same great QB that they praised in 2011. You just haven't seen him play and the NFL should be ashamed.

  • No

    Tebow is inaccurate, except on 14 yard throws to the flat against zone coverage on his first read when he is rolling out. He can't read a coverage. He can't make tight throws. It says a lot that his own teammates say he can't play. You expect trash talk from opponents, but not teammates.

  • Better as a Runningback

    Tim Tebow may have been good enough to win the Heisman in college, but that was only because he was placed inside Florida's and Urban Meyer's Wildcat offense which requires a ton of running. The NFL was a much different experience. In his first year starting for the Denver Broncos, he made a good start, but ended the season horribly with 5 int's against Houston, and finishing the season with his best reciever as number 85 on the overall list of recievers in the NFL for that season. Tim Tebow has always been better on the ground than he has been in the air, and if you can play better as a runningback than as a QB, then he is not talented enough to be an NFL quarterback.

  • Slow Delivery

    Tim Tebow has too slow of a delivery to be a professional quarterback. He takes twice as long as the elite quarterbacks to release the ball. He's too large at 240 pounds and for only being 6 foot 1, his side arm delivery is a negative with linemen being 6 feet 5 or larger.

  • Tebow Is Trash

    Tim Tebow is a nice guy but he doe not have what it takes to be an NFL Quarterback. He is a horrible practice player and you need to perform well in practice if you want to make it on the field. He will be out of the league in two years.

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