Is technological advancement leading to moral deterioration?

  • I love VR!

    I think technology is advancing very well, and it certainly interests me. No more of the anime stuff now with virtual reality. Virtual reality is great. With the new release of HD VR, it's better than ever. It allows me to do things without actually being there, or with someone, if you will...

  • No, technological advancement is not leading to moral deterioration

    I don't think technological advancement is leading to moral deterioration. I think technological advancement is making individuals much more advanced and smarter in today's world. Morals change in response to the evolution of mankind. Morals shift in proportion to the ideals that are set forth by societal structure and social acceptance of morality, not technology.

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  • Technology isn't leading us down a path to hell.

    Technological advancement does not lead to moral deterioration. For every person you hear of in the news who used technology in an illegal or immoral way, there are tens of thousands of people who use it normal, or even uplifting, ways. We can't blame technology for the decisions we make when using it.

  • No, technological advancement is leading to better morals through sharing of ideas.

    Contemporary technology allows for people across the world to easily share ideas. This has allowed the spread and sharing of important equal rights concepts like feminism and gay rights to the many places that may not have even heard of them. With our technology we have become more aware of the injustices in the world and better prepared to reveal and fix them.

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