Is technological innovation the key to worldwide evolution and prosperity?

  • Yes It Is

    Innovation in technology is the key to evolution and prosperity in the world. It will allow use to use our resources the best way possible and lead us as people into the future. We are already seeing that this is true because right now technology is moving at a ridiculous rate and is already helping us in so many ways.

  • No, I think technology is a double-edged sword.

    I have to admit that technological innovation, in spite of all the advances it brings, can also be a detriment to society in terms of bringing prosperity to the world. Arguably, looking to the recession in more prosperous nations is one of the main sticking points to why technology can have as much of a detrimental impact as a positive one. Technology enables outsourcing for lower costs, meaning that it replaces a market instead of developing one. It also takes away the need for a level of human labor.

  • No, we need to change a lot of our beliefs.

    On the level of survival of our species, technology seems to be headed totally in the wrong direction. We cannot feed the population of the earth, but instead of addressing that basic problem of population growth we seek to alter crops to make them more productive. I know that scientists in every field are using technology to address the problems we have, but they are taking the wrong approach because our basic system for caring for the earth is wrong headed and needs to change. Why should one person drive an hour to work in one direction and another person drive an hour in the other direction? That seems a problem that is impossible to fix, but it is not. Instead, technology tries to make cars more fuel efficient so we can continue that idiocy. So, no I don't think technology is going to be the answer.

  • No, we cannot rely on technology to solve all our problems.

    The world is already consuming more resources than can be renewed; we are past the carrying capacity of the earth. Throughout history we have been able to extend the carrying capacity with technological improvements, but we have come to a point where the level of technology necessary to allow us to continue to live as we do is practically unobtainable. We need to see an almost ten fold increase in productivity over the next 50 years just to meet the most basic demands of sustainability, but this is an enormous task with no guarantees that we will achieve it.

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