• Yes, the technological progress is accelerating

    With the development of technology, the progress is getting faster and faster, and people have the ability to create or invent something new much faster than before. Because people are getting smarter and smarter, we can see the changes that happen dramatically. Compare to the past, the technological progress is accelerating and more and more new things are being created every now and then.

  • Yes, I think technological progress is accelerating.

    I think overall technology is progressing at a rapid rate at this current point of time, I think that there have been some ground breaking advancements in the past few years and we will continue to see ground breaking technological advancements in the upcoming years, I feel the future of society is tech related.

  • Yes, it is undeniable that technology is growing every year.

    Considering only 10 years ago computers and video games were still in their infancy, yes, I think technology is accelerating at a awe-inspiring pace. Not only has technology grown an amazing amount in that time, it actually is accelerating faster and faster. The proof is all around us...from the phones that we use to the computers waiting at home.

  • No it is slowing.

    Technological progress is not accelerating, it is actually slowing down. Although it may seem like we are become more and more advanced at a faster rate, think about how long it took for companies to produce toady's items, compared to back in the 1960's to the 1990's of technology booming at high speeds.

  • Not at all

    No, we are not making a lot better progress of these new things that we have from any other period of time. We are still just slowly making small steps to making a whole lot more stuff that is going to make the things that we have a lot better.

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