• It is both

    Your question is extremely 'broad'

    Anyway, technology is 'unstoppable'. It is out of control. It is already 'I Robot'. We are already it's slave. It can only get worse. Let us not kid ourselves here by pontificating, ad nauseum, about its relative merits and dangers, like a negro slave would deliberate in his hut about his master's table manners. This thing is completely out of control and it is making us what we were never supposed to be. I could debate this with anyone 'for years'!

  • Mixed blessing, unfortunately

    As with most things, it all depends on usage. It can be a force multiplier, it can be a connector, it can be all sorts of things. But at the core, it is just a tool that can be misused, and become an excuse not to communicate directly, a hammer for any problem, regardless of how much a screwdriver might fit the bill better.

  • Of course it's blessing

    Because if technology is bane, then how on earth the people say NO can go to this website and say technology is a bane, what type of logic is this, also, this topic doesn't really make sense, it should be a poll, not a opinion, So ianchang1339 is just trolling around, nobody even have a right reason to say "NO", so if you want to post opinion, post something which is more important, I know this topic is important, but it should be poll..................

  • Asked by: ianchang1339 ...'Is technology a blessing or a bane..."

    The question asked,"Is technology a blessing or a bane..." is a devious question with different connotations available. Is the person asking the question seeking answers that perhaps are related to the environment, is it perhaps a question asked that expresses the concerns and thoughts of labor.The question could have been asked by the author to explore the fear of war because of the development through technology , of modern weapons, which might lead to war. The question asked,".'Is technology a blessing or a bane..." is a open question, Any technology developed can be either a blessing or a bane depending upon what that technology is used for. The wheel, the gun, automobiles, etc are just a few of the examples in which technology has been put to harmful or useful purposes by mankind.

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Ethan14 says2015-10-06T18:18:50.577
This should be a poll not an opinion. This is not a yes or no question.
arrivingdragon250 says2015-10-06T22:43:53.180
What type of question is this, "Is technology a blessing or a bane", this doesn't make any sense