• Technology, more addictive than crack

    Technology is addicting, and like any drug, it is especially effective on children. Be it cell phones, iPods, tablets, computers, or a simple television set, technology hooks children. I have yet to find a legitimate study backing this up, but from what i have seen, children experience withdrawal symptoms when their technology is taken by teachers or parents. Depression, anxiety, self loathing, loss of interest. Technology may not be a drug but it keeps us addicted. Someone should really start a study on this. (no government funding of course, we don't want rigged answers).

  • Yes, technology is very addictive.

    Technology is addictive not only to children, but to adults as well. Adults tend to stay in chat rooms, trying to find love. They spend hours upon hours on the Internet. They also like to text while driving down the road. As for children, they are completely addicted to online and video games. If you ground them from games, they act as though it is the end of the world. People tend to spend money on equipment they don't need, nor can afford. Technology can be like a drug.

  • Yes It IS

    Kids in schools are always on their phones and it is literally impossible for them to put it down. I even have trouble staying focused on work with my iPhone near by. People have to document everything they do on Twitter or Facebook and it is very important for them to check it all the time. Technology is very addicting for many people.

  • It’s addictive to use social media

    Habits can become a real problem because 40% of what we do are habits. During a habit you can get hooked. A hook is an experience designed to connect the user’s problem to the company’s solution with enough frequency to form a habit. Hooks have four parts, A trigger an action a reward and an investment.

    The action phase of the hook is being the habitual behaviour occurs. Def: Action is equal to a simple behaviour in anticipation for a reward. It could be something a simple as a scroll on Facebook or a search on google, Or what could be simpler as press the play button on YouTube. B. J Fogg Behaviour Scientist at Stanford University, Action = reward formulae B=MAT (Behaviour = Motivation, Ability and Trigger).
    After the key behaviour let’s say opening the app, Scrolling on the page, Or whatever the habit may be. Time for the reward, What the user came for.

    When we talk about reward we need to talk about the brain the nucleus accumbens. The nucleus accumbens is a link in the brain pathways that cause addiction and depression. The nucleus accumbens is a small part of the brain that releases serotonin. This part of the brain become most active when anticipation of a reward, But when we get the thing we think we want, The think that going to make us happy well that’s when this part of the brain because less active.
    Those are examples of rewards of the self the purpose of these rewards is to give the user what they came for to scratch their itch and yet have a bit of mystery some uncertainty around what they might find the next time they engage with the product. And finally, The investment phase.

    The more followers I have for example on Facebook/twitter the better the service becomes for a way to connect to people. Example 2 Reputation, Reputation is a form of stored value that users can literally take to the bank, Because reputation on platforms like eBay and Airbnb determines how likely I am to leave one of these services after I’ve acquired this positive reputation not very likely even if a better competing service comes along.
    Which being me to the conclusion and the cold hard truth that there is no written rule anywhere that I know of that says that the best product necessarily wins. Instead it’s the company that holds onto the monopoly of the mind the habit that wins.

    As Lan Bogo’s warned technology and quite possibly maybe becoming the cigarette of this century. Technology is just like death, I will ¬¬grasp at any age, Race and/or gender. Technology is non-discriminatory. In general, Humans spend 30-40% of conversations talking about themselves. Interestingly, That number reaches up to 80% on social media posts.
    This does more harm than good to yourself and others around you because its hooking you into a never-ending cycle that affects your others and even your life.

  • Hello how ya going

    I chose yes because i said so. I love technology so so much that want to marry the creators of fortnite, instagram and snapchat. My Child that i adopted Makensie loves her internet too so baa bye haters of WIFI. I can not live without my future husband Logan Paul.

  • Technology is more addictive

    Technology is something which is fast developing , and as a result of its fast development we now access different gadgets like smartphones, television, radio,....Etc. Everything in this world has got a positive side as well as a negative side, but the negative aspects of technology are more severe than being moderate as thought before. The negative aspects include:
    1. Spoiling of family relationships : Parents buy different electronic gadgets for their children, as per their wants, these gadgets then become their life long companion and they stick on to use it disregarding what their parents say. The children gradually lose the habit of opening their minds with parents.
    2. Social media creates pits for girls: Facebook and all other social media has now become the main source for spoiling the life of girl child, fake accounts created by strangers acts as pits, these girl children (focusing on teens) fall into these traps, they get blackmailed and tortured by those strange people and finally commit suicide.
    3. Television leading to death of people: this problem is widely seen all around the world, the cool stunt moves seen in different movies are enacted but the youngsters; like rash driving in road, kids playing with sharp objects..... Etc.
    4. The negative world of internet: People now can access wifi system, mobile wifi..Etc , 50% of the internet is used by people for social media purposes, 25% for searching what they need , and the rest 25% for pornography.
    Porn videos are something interesting, as teens and 18+ people get to know the pleasure of either masturbating or having sex. This becomes a serious issue, as these people who watch it would reach a situation where they could not live without watching it, they would not be able to stop the habit of masturbating and mentally affects them a lot.
    5. Affects our health : The youth (focusing on men) today would have their smart phones kept in their pockets of their shirt or their pants, the point to be noted is that the gadgets produce radiations which causes serious heart related problems and kidney failure, the constant use of smart phones may cause an alteration in the shape of cortical region of the brain thereby causing mental issues.
    In this busy world with people having their phones on their ears all the time even during driving , lead to accidents.
    The final point to be noted is that, if a person gets addict to technology then nobody can ever save him except for himself, but for that he needs a strong will hearted mind, those kind of people are very few in number in this world of electronics.

  • Technology is addictive

    Because it is addictive and so addictive that we get so hooked on it and get very addicted to it because it is just so addictive and can't be stopped because it is just so addictive.Technology u can not get it out of your head it is just so addictive and addictive.

  • Technology is addictive

    Because it is addictive and so addictive that we get so hooked on it and get very addicted to it because it is just so addictive and can't be stopped because it is just so addictive.Technology u can not get it out of your head it is just so addictive and addictive.

  • Yes tech is addictive

    Obvious! Technology is very addictive these days. Kids play games, adults spend 75% of their time in Facebook, Twitter, Instergram, etc. I know a friend, where a boy took a snap of her, edited and posted on Instergram. How can she delete that pic?

    Nowadays none of the kids do their assignments alone, the easiest way is; search in the Internet, copy paste and print it out!
    Do they use their brains for even 20%?

  • Technology is addicting

    Technology grabs peoples attention with online games and videos, social media and all the different things you can do with it, it is especially effective on children because of their short attention spans, my sister likes to watch videos on the ipad and play games but even though she is young she stays there for a long time playing games and watching videos because of all of the options she has to keep herself occupied and when someone tries to take it away from her she gets upset.

  • Depends on whether you have an addictive personality.

    Frankly, technology is both helpful and pointless in our age.

    One minute we're mapping the dark side of the moon, and the next minute we're playing Angry Birds and uploading low quality pictures of our dessert to Tumblr.

    It seems like the only conclusion we can get from this debate is the simple phrase "It depends."

  • Just because you use it does not make it addictive.

    I know plenty of people who say it is addictive with no reasonable argument. If I were addicted I would have it on my mind all the time and have that as my primary focus (which it is not and never has been). I think people are confusing mass usage and addiction. We use technology not because it's the only thing we think about but because it's useful. It's a bit like saying 'your addicted to sport because you only talk to your friend about football.' or 'your so addicted music because you like to listen to music to relax or to concentrate and when your not listening your talking about it or humming it'. No, neither of these are addictions, their hobbies. Real addictions can't just change frequently depending on feeling or time of day or what your doing.

  • Not Addictive because of Activities

    IF it were addictive people would be playing it all the time, but the thing is that even though many people are using technology a lot, people are doing activities to either staying in shape or to do assignments needed. So if you were addictive you would be playing instead of doing other activities, but many people still do them

  • Its the future

    People look at technology as if it were to be a bad thing. Those people need to realize that the technological world we live in is evolving and things are going to change. People are spending more time on cell phones or technological devices because that is what the world is coming to. Soon enough it will not be strange for us to see people constantly on their cell phones because that is what the future is. The future is technology.

  • Technology is not addictive.... It's the individuals fault.

    I don't think technology is addictive. People get addicted to it just cause of there lack of conscience. It's not the technologies fault. Some individual think that the technology we use are the main cause of this addiction, but they don't think of the technologies advantages and merits. With those we are able to make a lot breakthrough inventions. So, finally I would say that its the persons fault who is getting addicted And technology is not addictive , as not all people are not addicted to it.

  • Beacuase i sayed

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  • Technology is addictive

    Because it is addictive and so addictive that we get so hooked on it and get very addicted to it because it is just so addictive and can't be stopped because it is just so addictive.Technology u can not get it out of your head it is just so addictive and addictive.

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