Is technology advancing at such a pace that it's harming society?

  • Slow progression is important to avoid problems

    Technology and the course of free enterprise have self stalled its own growth despite the intention and rational course. It is common for great ideas to be costed out of existence, or produced with inferior materials against the designers recommendations so never to meet the desired result, to foster broader sales. Technology often moves forward with lingo and standards that make it difficult for the end user to understand, which can and does lead to catastrophe. People rarely understand or read the end user agreements which can lead to self exposure that was not intended. Malicious attacks are prevalent which can lead to great loss. Many times, there is no one to turn to. Technology should be adopted as fast as it takes to fully understand it, not as fast as it can be created.

  • no technological advances aren't harming society

    i don't think that technology is advancing at a pace which is harmful to society. I will say that our society isn't in a place where we can properly utilize our advancing technology resulting in destructive behavior, but I wouldn't blame it on the technology itself. It's more so our own faults

  • It is not

    I don't think that technology is advancing at such a pace that it's harming society. It is creating better lives for everyone and you can talk to people without needing to visit them all the time, making it very convenient. Down with old fashioned, up with technology ,

    Yours, Lanna

  • Technnology has been beneficial

    Technology is not advancing at a pace that's harming society. Many consumer electronics have helped society get connected in ways that didn't seem possible. It is now easier to share knowledge, meet people, and help others than any other time in history thanks to cell phones and the Internet. Technology is also making the equipment that we use safer. Many cars are much safer than they were in the past and working conditions have improved. In addition, technology has the potential to help prevent and reverse some of the harm that has been done to the environment.

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