Is Technology advancing at such a pace that people will be unable to keep up with the rising demands of it some day?

Asked by: Soryune
  • We are getting dependent to it.

    Long ago, if you wanted something, you made it yourself. That meant you had to know how to make it. Early pioneers needed a lot of skills just to survive. If you wanted food, shelter, or clothing, someone had to know how to make them from scratch. Over the decades, man has created machinery to perform these tasks for us. As more machines are created, the less skill a person needs. When we realize we no longer need a skill, it is no longer taught so the skill becomes lost. Once we loose a skill, we need the machines to perform them so become dependent on them. Sure, many of these machines were made so people would not have to do tedious tasks such as hours of spinning cotton into thread, but once one task is eliminated, the next seams tedious like weaving that thread into cloth, and so on. It not only makes us dependent but more and more lazy.
    Today is no different. When I was in school back in the 70's and 80's, pocket calculators were around but not allowed in school. Even though doing the problem on paper took a bit more time, it was important that we learned how to do it. Today, not only are calculators allowed but required. If we continue down this road, people will loose these skills as well and depend even more on technology to do it for them. Every time something is replaced, another thing is looked at as being too much work or tedious.
    For some reason, mankind believes that the only way to show our advancement is to keep advancing. Funny thing is, these advancements only replace what we loose from them. Once all our skills are gone, we would still want to advance but with no skills to do so. Makes me think of the movie WALL-E.

  • What's coming next?

    Technology is a strange topic to fully appreciate sometimes. Technology is more than just the tools we use and the amazing inventions that we create. Techniques and processes are both part of technology too. That creates a scope far beyond just what cures people say should be developed or what new necessary invention people should cram into the newest car to be the pinnacle of luxury. The demand for technology is overwhelmingly high with several dedicated careers focusing entirely on only a small aspect of what technology does. Those careers generally take multiple years of higher learning to gain access to and the rising need of filling positions for those careers shows an interesting parallel. Technology can advance unbelievably fast sometimes; as Moore's Law demonstrates. In truth, the speed technology can advance is matched only slightly by the amazing potential or incredible danger it can represent. Anything is possible and when forced to ask can people keep up with anything these days, it is hard to say yes with enough confidence to stand behind that answer. People can do great things with technology but without truly understanding what's coming and how it works there are few ways that people can truly adapt to the rising demands technology is continuing to place on us these days.

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