Is technology advancing (yes) or digressing (no)?

  • Technology is advancing

    I am of the firm belief that technology is only moving forward and enriching our lives on a day to day basis. With advances in medicine, diseases that were once death sentences have become manageable. With the advent of the internet our world has become smaller and more accessible and interconnected. These are only two of the numerous examples that to me demonstrate that technology touches our lives in more positive ways than we can possibly imagine, and will continue to do so in new ways in the future.

  • We're At a Plateau

    I do not believe technology is currently digressing. I do believe we continue to make advancements, but right now we are at somewhat of a plateau. I believe we have advanced far more than many thought over the last decade or so and we have all we need at the moment.

  • Technology is advancing.

    Technology is advancing. Everyday there is something new in the technology world and it will continue to advance. Technology advancements make our lives easier and more enjoyable to live. I hope that they continue to make strides in technology. I do not think we would be where we are without it.

  • Technology constantly advances.

    Technology is constantly advancing. Technology is constantly advancing because it is constantly being improved upon and tweaked with. Technology is judged by the apex of itself, and this never regresses. It is in human nature to constantly advance forward concerning technology and because of this is never regresses, only continues on.

  • Technology is definately advancing

    Yes, I believe that technology has advanced and continues to advance everyday. Things that would not have been in the imagination are being produced and sold in the average retail store. Watches that not only tell time and monitor your vital signs, but also doubles as a phone are common place. Tablets are taking the place of computers, and in some cases, laptops. There is no end to the possibilities.

  • Technology is advancing faster than ever before

    Every year, technology is making leaps and bounds. Currently, we have a greater data capacity in our iPhone's than NASA had to send astronauts to the Moon in 1969. Our technological capability is allowing widespread access to knowledge through the internet, and allowing robots and computer software to do computations faster than ever. Technology will only continue to advance in the decades to come, as it is only through technology that other fields such as Math and Science can progress.

  • It is advancing

    Technology itself is advancing, as humans are making more connections as to what works and what doesn't, but it is digressing in itself, as studies show that the recent generation is not as smart because of the technology that has been available to them because it does the tasks for them. But technology ITSELF is in fact advancing.

  • Maybe a better question would be "will technology continue to progress or will something eventually hinder it's advancement?"

    This is more to fight for or against the possible technology singularity (when technology continues to advance itself infinitely). Though it may not be possible because it would have to become as smart as a human. How can a mankind create something as smart as us if we don't really know how our mind works 100%.

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