• Yes, tech is a definite improvement.

    Technology is most definitely artificially improving humans, and that is a good thing. Even if the improvements are not organic, it doesn't mean they are not real. The technological improvements better the lives of those who have them, such as mechanical limb replacements, heart monitors and lap bands that fix conditions and make the person healthier.

  • Think of the prosthetics.

    Yes, technology is artificially improving human beings because people who have lost limbs in the War on Terror have access to prosthetic limbs like never before. Technology can also make us more responsive when our fellow human beings are in crisis, even if that crisis is all the way around the world.

  • Doesn't help people who need the most help

    Technology primarily makes money and give power to the few who control information. We are all lemmings in this new paradigm where information (not necessarily truth) is readily accessible, but with tracking and manipulation of data, everyone is plugged into the network as our collective pacifier. As we inadvertently feed the system with our personal and behavioral data, we are becoming more easily manipulable by algorithm and well-directed click bait. We have stopped improving the human condition and, in fact, have been reverting to our basest nature with pseudo-anonymity and lack of consequences in the digital world. We see much suffering around the world but we sit desensitized in front of our screens and switch channels every few seconds for some morsel of titillation to satisfy some undefinable cravings because we have largely forgotten what true meanings and values in life are.

  • Created by wrong people

    Technology is largely created by people who know very very little about what human beings are, what they struggle with, what makes us happy and how technology may help. Many technological devices have really helped people get better lives, but others have worsened our conditions. We need more humanists in the technical sciences. And I mean real humanists - not engineers aspiring to be, but lingusts, art-people, educationalists, historians, archeologists.

  • More no than yes

    Now before you get me wrong, technology is a wonderful thing that I am all for continuing to progress. I love how technology is helping us save the planet through fuel efficiency and nuclear and solar power and all that good stuff. What really is the problem here is not the technology itself, but the person using it. I like when technology makes our lives easier, but only to a certain extent. When it gets to the point where people are literally having everything done for them, it makes us weaker physically and mentally. It causes us to have problems and decisions solved for us, making us less skilled and intelligent at making those decisions later causing more people to drink and smoke and all that other stuff simply because they don't know any better. Though technology does do some good stuff for us, it is destroying our physical and mental ability to do almost everything.

  • Not At This Time

    I do not believe technology is artificially improving human beings. I think technology has that potential but I don't think we've used the ability thus far. I think our devices help us, but they don't essentially make us better. Humans would love to think they have the ability to multi task, but the reality is the fact that we actually can not.

  • No, I do not think so.

    I do not think technology is artificially improving human beings at all. I think it is giving human beings more access to information, and the inability to learn and think for longer periods of times. We don't learn much anymore. We simply rely on technology to know things for us.

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