• It can be bad.

    Distracting, and dirty. Disentrancing. Emissions are everywhere your beloved cellphone is smacking you, me.. With electromagnetic radiation. If you don't have one, your labeled with some Type of negative stereotype. Everything is done by the internet now, Making us dependent upon electricity and technology rather than ourselves and our own brains. Impersonal communications, keeping you in touch with people or things that Do Not Matter. It may make things "easier" but we're they that Hard. Don't complain when robots take all your jobs and Everyone is on checks from the government, living places you were "Assigned" to live.
    Satire, alarmists..
    How about Realists, Freethinkers. Not blinded by the lcd.
    That's is literally messing up our eyes.

  • No it helps us advance

    Technology is in no way bad. It is a sign that our culture is evolving and finding better and bigger things. The problem is the corruption of people with technology. Technology alone is not going to hurt anyone. It is people with technology that hurts people. If there were no technology people would find a different way to hurt people.

  • No it is not.

    Technology got us to where we are today and without it we would not have everything we do. It has improved our learning, our jobs, and a lot of other things in the world. It is only getting better and within a few years I think it'll highly improve. It is not bad.

  • A qualified yes - when it is misused

    I wish there was a "sometimes" category here, Because this is where I really stand. I spent around 45 minutes chilling at a local donut shop. A couple tables away, There were two 16ish boys and two 16ish girls. One of the boys did not speak a single word the entire time, But rather spent 100% of his time there on his phone. The other boy said a total of 4 sentences, Yes I counted, But spent most of his time on the phone thumbing away. The two girls did speak, Albeit minimally, But usually when they were commenting on something they were sharing on their phones. I have no idea what any of them were looking at on their phones, But apparently it was more important than conversation with the friends themselves. This made me wonder why they even bothered to meet up anyway, Since they could have all stayed home and texted each other, Shared photos or whatever. Is this what social life has come to these days? I just find it sad. I also understand the advantages of GPS for driving, Apps for paying bills etc, But it is getting to the point where people do not know how to function without these things. This to me is the downside of technology, That people have become dependent on it. I have nothing against GPS navigation for example, And I even use it, But I would know how to find a place if suddenly I found myself with out it, Let's say I just plain forgot my phone one day. I would not panic. I would just pick up the map, Or go from my best ideas or ask someone. I actually do not think there is a conflict between having a nice full size map(not a few inch screen) to get a good idea how to go, And let the GPS be there as your a driving as another tool. The GPS is not perfect by the way. I have seen someone make what was clearly a wrong turn, Just because the GPS said to, Going against what they could see with their own eyes.

    If technology is integrated into the world we live in, It can be a great tool, But we need to use it like anything else, In a controlled non-dependent manner. It should never replace our own ability to think and make decisions, Nor should we have the false idea that we can not live without it. Afterall, There were no smartphones when we discovered the DNA molecule, Put men on the moon, Or learned how to perform heart surgery. We used the oldest tool available, The human brain.

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  • Can cause you to crash

    Technology is a thief in the night. It can take many lives ina matter of seconds. In your car, you get a text message, you look at the vibrating piece of temptation and pick it up, all I have to do is reply with an emoji or something? Right? You take your hands off of the steering wheel and in that sheer moment your world goes from blue screen to black, you left the world having a bad fight with your parents, obsessing over social media and not seeing your friends in weeks because you thought that it was easier to ‘ft’. And you didn’t have the time to set things right because of this piece of radiation that you loved oh so very much, your parents and friends will cry at your funeral, your parents feel guilty and so do your friends. That one gadget caused mental illness for others and it’s because of you, you made this impact because you chose to value a gadget over your friends and family.

  • Uhh... Yeah it is.

    I just want to say yes. Nothing more, nothing less. Random stuff f f ff f f is it really not kewl to be a kewl kewl phone that cost like $1000 for a piece of gold that people throw away as if it is nothing. Noice meme is noice.

  • Yes it is!

    My reason for that is I dont have have a phone and I am a hard worker and very determond. My cousion has a phone and is a very bad worker because he does not do his work so he has more time to use his divice, and also is very lazy!

  • Its dirty and people put inappropriate stuff on social media

    Guys can do bad stuff to girls by sending stuff to them. Kids who have snap chat or musically or face book or any thing you can text on can get kidnapped. Lots of teenage girls are missing because of social media kids espalier young children shouldn't have scale mediates bad.

  • Technology is bad

    Why are you saying it is not bad. It hurts the brain the eyes and it also makes you learn grammar wrong
    Technology could one day rule the world and technology could kill you
    You people are stupid
    Yes technology is cool but it also hurts you really really bad

  • I learn from it

    Technology helps me on homework and to relieve stress or when am sad or simply bored and with out tech life would be much harder honestly and got nothing else to say o am going to put random letters
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  • Tech is kewl

    Its very nice & kewl a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a phone is a kewl thing

  • Tech is great

    The world needs tech mainly the great medical and the great long distance communication. With out it no one would no if some one robbed a bank or killed a guy because the police don't follow you around the place so that are just some reasons why tech is good.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe technology is bad. Technology can be both good and bad, but it is not inherently either of those things. Technology has done a lot to help society and it becomes more helpful with each advancement. You can obtain a complete education on-line now, all thanks to technology. Not to mention access to news from around the world and many other important resources.

  • It makes things easier.

    No, technology is not bad, because technology in the medical field can do amazing things. How many lives are saved each day because of the technology that is available to a doctor? Technology helps us connect with each other. Technology entertains us. Technology helps us educate ourselves and learn about history.

  • Completely the opposite

    Over the years, Technology has continued to grow and advance, and will most likely continue to do so in the future. I do think technology is bad at all, in fact, I think the complete opposite. Technology tends to make life much easier for the average working man and citizens.

  • Technology has many useful advantages.

    Although the misuse and overuse of technology can lead to bad habits, technology itself has many useful advantages. Communication with people across far distances is much easier, for example. Simple tasks and transactions can also be completed with much more efficiency, and news can travel much more quickly than it did before the rise of technology. Technology has also been a major contributor to advancements in medicine and science.

  • Technology is great.

    Technology is such a great thing in this day and age. You have so much power at your fingertips, we could have never imagined 100 years ago the type of stuff what we have today. Technology helps advance our society and gives us the chance to do things quicker than what it would of normally taken if we did not have it in the first place.

  • Technology is not bad.

    Technology is not bad, however, it can be used in ways that are bad. In general, though, technology is good. Technology can make our lives simpler or it can be used to bomb a country. It all depends on how it is used. The truth is that technology is neither good or bad, it just is. It is the person using that is either good or bad.

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