• Technology has ruined Society

    People are always on their phones. Nobody ever talks to anyone face to face. People never say hey anymore they always just text. Nobody ever writes letters anymore they always say thats to much work and they say texting is much easier. We will sit in the same room and text each other instead or talking to each other. This world is ruined.

  • What will happen in the future

    Technology is taking over people, like if you go stand in the middle of the most populated area and take a look a round for people on their phones you will see than more the 95% of the people in the area of you are on their phone in so kind of way.

  • Connection is Disconnection

    Christian Lous Lange once said, "Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master." I totally agree with this quote. I'm not saying technology is only good or only bad. I just happen to be leaning more to the negative side. Technology is great and it's an amazing and useful tool. However, we have turned technology into our master. It controls us and is causing us to lose our humanity. By being 'connected' on FaceBook or Instagram, we are just disconnecting ourselves from the people who currently reside in our life and opting for people who will tell us that the food we just took a picture of and posted looks great. Granted, we don't all do this, but most of our society does. I can't sit in a room with my friends without them looking at their phone every 20 seconds. I can't go into public without seeing people texting on their phones and ignoring those trying to speak with them. I can't go home without seeing my little sister, 15 months younger than me, staring, mesmerized at the flashing screen of her technology. Technology has pretty much taken over our world. People love reading science fiction books where technology is mind-boggling for even our generation and they say, "I wish I could live in a world like that!" Guess what? You already are. Technology has not changed our society for the better. Instead, we have chosen to walk the path of isolation and invisibility. We see the people in our lives, yet we don’t see them. We are connected to our families and friends, yet we are disconnected. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for us to get off of our phones and talk in English, not text language, and communicate with those around us. I hear girls at my school say, “I couldn’t live without my phone!” My response is always, “Our parents did, so why can’t you?” our lives have been turned upside down by technology, and the only way to turn them right side up again is to put our phones down and ask ourselves, “Is technology bad for our society, or is our society bad for technology?”

  • "Having a great time!......Somewhere else"- the (not so) social network

    I understand that technology means we can communicate more, making societies closer and more connected but the way we use it completely undermines this....

    I go out with my friends. In days gone by before we had mobiles we would chat and genuinely have a great time, talking to each other. But now you go out to spend time with a group of friends and they just sit with their heads in their phones. No doubt they are telling other people what a great time they are having when actually they're not- they would if they just stopped texting and engaged with the person sitting right next to them!

    It could even stop you meeting new people. Instead of striking up a conversation with the kind and inspirational lady on the train home, you just awkwardly pretend to text on your phone to avoid conversation and pass the time. We all do it- be honest!


    Don't keep your head down on the phone screen- LOOK UP

  • No no no

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  • Everyone has a different POV

    I live in a high-class area, go to private high school, in almost all honors and AP classes, and have many friends. I have no problem with the technology in my life. In fact, my school encourages it. No one is always on their damn phone and people actually CAN believe it or not talk we aren't stupid. In fact when I go out with friends or to a party almost no one's one their phones or texting bc everyone's having a good time. It really bothers me bc most of you have no experience all of you are just throwing out your opinions. The first girl who tried to show how technology is 'bad' for society... I'm sorry but you probably aren't very popular because you seem to be very biased and against the 'girls at your school', and the new generation is going to be on their phones the and to be honest there isn't much people can do about it. What's even funnier is that all the people that probably stated that it is bad most likely use their phone for YouTube, texting, homework, and TV more than anyone else.

  • Its done more good than bad

    1) Method of communication is less important than the meaning of the communication. I dont care if someone writes or texts as long as they are making the effort to talk to me (within bounds of reason)
    2) Technology has done far more good than bad with faster communication which has literally saved lives, improved medical care, scientific research, more economical/enviornmentsl transportation, new farming methods, cleaner water, better access to education and currant events.
    3) This generation is the most tolorent, optomistic, globally aware, and well educated generation we have had yet. The fact that they text is super insignifigant. Everyone stop looking back at the "good ole days" because those actually were terrible.

  • Technological development is inevitable and improves quality of life.

    Firstly, there is no real good or bad, no right or wrong, they are the sides of a coin.

    Secondly, technology has evolved side by side, hand in hand with human societies, the two are inseparable. Nuclear weapons, viral research and artificial intelligence could all lead to the extinction of the human race but we still pursue those disciplines with reckless abandon. And, we should.

    People have a romantic view of the past, the good ole days, but it isn't true. There are no times in the past that had a better quality of life than we do today and it is all because of technology. Our society is imperfect because it always has been and always will be. Without the bad there can be no good. Certainly, we pay a price by embracing technology but now we can see the universe, look for the higgs boson, feed more people than ever and communicate with the entire world instantaneously as part of that trade off. Sure, we are depersonalized by our internet, email and cell phones but the overall level of communication is at an all time high. It is so much easier to find people you agree with and challenge people you don't, the collective mind of society is still adapting to this level of communication and connectivity. I see the "bad" too, but kids don't, it's all just normal to them. The "bad" I see comes from the nostalgia I feel from how much things have changed, even within my lifetime. The human race marches on, and technology marches with us, giving everyone alive today the highest overall quality of life that has ever been available to people everywhere. It's not perfect and it never will be. I for one welcome our robot overlords.

  • I wonder if the Amish when you were younger made the same claims.

    Just because things are different then what you are use to them being does not equal them being bad things. Technology is changing so fast that many people are having a hard time to predict the future or know what tomorrow brings to this scares them. Children are quick to adapt to this and there are going to be side-effects that are ill fitting just like what Ericaallen51 has proposed. Side-effects are part of the process of change of growth. As society adapts to the changes it will adjust its self accordingly.

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